LG LD-1415M / LD-1415M1 / LD-1415W1 review by smviles

LG LD-1415M / LD-1415M1 / LD-1415W1

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Brand: LG
Max Noise Level: 49

Release date: Aug 2006

14 Place Setting Titanium / White Dishwasher (WELS 3.5 Star, 14.8 Litres per wash)

Titanium Dishwasher with 14 Place Setting, Dual Wash System for gentle wash on the top and strong wash on the bottom, half load option to save time and water and delay start for 1-19 hours for your convenience.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Basket System
  • Triple Filter
  • Half Load Option
  • Hybrid Drying System
  • Planetary Arm
  • Vario Washing System

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This product has been discontinued by LG.

smviles's review

Hate it - doesn't clean and breaks down


- Terrible

posted this on Jun 20, 2011
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Bought this dishwasher in June 2007. From the beginning it never dried very well nor did it clean on the top shelf. Just prior to the end of the extended 3yr warranty (June 2010), the whole motor had to be replaced. One year on and the motor needs to be replaced again!

+ The digital display that shows the time remaining on a cycle

- Doesn't clean on the top shelf. At the end of the cycle (even on the hottest/intensive cycle) I take out more dirty items than clean. Even glasses that go in having only had water or soft drink in them, come out dirty. We keep the dishwasher clean and regularly use Finish dishwasher cleaner which helps but only for a very short period. Items (particularly plastic but not restricted to plastic) are not dried well. Also, the dishrack at the bottom that can be moved to accommodate larger plates is useless because with the slightest knock it falls open and causes all my plates to collapse onto themselves. At first I thought this would be a great feature, now I wouldn't buy a dishwasher that had this.

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I have had the same issue with this dishwasher, I have had the motor replaced twice and guess what!!!!! The motor has gone again.... I have thrown it out now. Not worth the money I spent. This has all occurred within four years..............
pudvictoria posted on 12-Jul-2011 report this comment
I totally agree also. Water pump has gone. Very noisy now. Doesnt clean properly. Would never buy LG Dishwasher again.
kto posted on 08-Nov-2011 report this comment