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LG WD11020D / WD12020D / WD13020D

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  • LG WD11020D / WD12020D / WD13020D
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Release date: Feb 2009

White 7kg / 7.5kg Front Load Washer with 10 Year Direct Drive Motor Warranty providing less noise, less vibrations and greater durability, Pause and Add Function, Baby Care cycle washes at 60 degrees and rinses at 40 degrees with Medic Rinse, load sensing to optimise wash time, rinse and water consumption and has 1100 / 1200 / 1300 rpm.

  • The Direct Drive System is a state of the art technology that integrates the motor, belt and pulley into a single quiet and durable brushless DC motor attached directly to the centre of the drum. 
  • Detects how much laundry is loaded to optimise wash time, rinse time and water consumption providing efficient use of water and energy.
  • This special program heats the water up to 95° providing a more hygienic wash for your children's clothes.
  • Once the start button is pressed, sensors detect the load and the selected water temperature to optimise water level and cycle time according to the size and type of load. It also prevents users from selecting excessive spin speeds and temperatures over the appropriate range, which can result in damage to clothes.
  • The unit can be programmed to wash up to 3~19 hours later. Useful for when you want to wash and/or dry at different times, especially where electricity rates may differ throughout the day.
  • Laundry that needs to be washed frequently such as sports wear or T-shirts might get damaged by frequent normal washing. The "Quick 30" cycle can be selected for these items that are only lightly soiled or only perspired in where the wash cycle completes in just 30minutes.

Product Range:

  • WD11020D 7kg Front Load Washer with 1100 rpm
  • WD12020D 7.5kg Front Load Washer with 1200  rpm
  • WD13020D 7.5kg Front Load Washer with 1300  rpm

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468David's review

Pretty good washer


- Good

posted this on Feb 19, 2012
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This is our second LG front loader. The first lasted about 11 years before the bearings finally wore out. We had been happy with the wash quality, but had got used to the incredibly loud noise when spinning.
This one was a merciful relief. Very quiet when washing, and not much louder when spinning. Everything washes really clean, and with the fast spin, they come out nearly dry. So overall I am pretty happy.
I haven't go the hang of getting towels to dry soft. They are a bit crisp rather than cuddly, even with fabric softener.
The only drawbacks are the long cycle, and the fact that I can't set a "favourite" cycle, that uses only cold water.

Purchased at: The Good Guys

+ Quiet

- Long cycle, no option to set "favourite"

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