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Saeco Syntia Stainless Steel

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Type: Fully Automatic - Brand: Saeco - Price (RRP): 1699 - Release date: Oct 2009

Big bubbles - not creamy, textured milk!

reviewed on Jul 02, 2011 , viewed 101 times

After using a Sunbeam Cafe Series 6910, this machine is disappointing. The coffee it makes as automatically adjusted is fairly weak and you can only adjust the grind when you are grinding. It does the pour into a seperate compartment and then pours it into the cup so comes out looking pale and blonde straight away. It is useful that it can take ground coffee if you are using a different one some of the time but generally, the coffee 'cakes' in the waste bucket are small and coarsely ground unlike most coffee for espresso.
The milk texturing is disastrous! The silly panarello attachment makes big bubbles and there is no way of just using the steam arm with the small hole as it is too short to fit into the jug!
Overall, it looks pretty and is a nice simple machine for those who could not be bothered having to control factors to get a great coffee but if you want a really good coffee save your money and buy a Rancillio Miss Silvia or a Sunbeam for half the price!

+ Looks nice and is quiet.

- Expensive. Worst fault is the steam arm which cannot make decent textured milk even if you have a lot of experience in doing so due to the panarello attachment at the end which looks terrible since it is plastic.

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dmb40 - We agree and had the same problem. But there is a way around the poor froth (big bubbles) of the steam arm. If you tape shut the small hole (which causes the big bubbles) you will be able to froth the milk perfectly. We tried this after a Youtube video showed a barista recommending this for poorly made appliances. Just simple sticky tape works as the arm doesn't get hot.

pineapplejo - Have you adjusted your coffee amount on the screen (not just the grinder?) I have one and the coffee is nice and strong, but you have to set the amount of coffee to grind to maximum on the screen, not just the grinder.
i just take off the panarello attachment, put it on an angle and have my jug on an angle so I can get the milk right

Chopzter - Check youtube videos about Frothing with Pannarello, so you'll learn to do the frothing you like, the small hole injects air into the milk and when you shoot it (with the same frothed milk or with your finger) you'll get only steam to warm up and make a creamy milk

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