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A portable fridge in a vehicle.

What to consider when choosing a portable fridge or freezer

Published: 27 November 2023

A portable fridge or freezer keeps your food and drink fresh during your outdoor adventures. Since a portable fridge can be pricey, doing some research before you buy will help you choose a model that doesn't let you down on your next trip.

Someone using a retro-looking green electric kettle to pour water into a pastel pink mug.

How to choose an electric kettle

Published: 9 November 2023

A staple appliance for every kitchen counter is a handy electric kettle - but in what situations will you need adjustable temperature settings? And what features should you look out for to ensure you buy a kettle that's easy and safe to use?

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Nissan have gone for a modern design filled with retro design cues from Nissan's performance past.

Youtube Video Thumbnail

Mazda BT-50 Thunder

Published: 07 November 2023

If you don’t have the time, the know-how or the desire to buy a standard BT-50 and modify it your way, well here is your ute.

Peugeot 308 GT Premium

Published: 06 November 2023

The 308 is finally a car that can seriously contend against the likes of Mercedes Benz…however that French motor might be holding the 308 back from greatness.

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SendlePerfect transaction !

Amazing transaction and beautiful quality new DVD… the best experience with seller !!!

eBayWorst experience

Bought a fitbit 3 watch for my wife it died after 2wks of use no assistance it the so sad am a regular customer of eBay and no concern m so so disappointed I can never recommend anyone or try again

Peter Anthony
Peter Anthony
Bargain Car RentalsAll good.

Easy pick and drop off. No problems. Will hire car from here on the future.


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How to clean and properly maintain your washing machine

Washing machines do a lot of work, and need some TLC every now and then. They deal with dirt, detergent, and lots of water, so it’s important to properly clean and maintain them to prevent grime, smells, mould and mildew.

Clara V.
Clara V.

What doesn't travel insurance cover?

If you’re going overseas, travel insurance is as important as a passport. We look at some of the most common travel insurance policy exclusions that often aren’t known to many holiday goers, so you know what you may or may not be covered for if the unexpected happens.

Clara V.
Clara V.

Should I use a project builder or a custom builder for my new home?

If you’re looking to build, there are a lot of exciting decisions to make, one being whether to go with a project home builder or a custom home builder. What you choose will largely depend on your budget, housing needs, and how involved you'd like to be in the design process.

Clara V.
Clara V.

How to switch energy providers

Worried about rising energy prices? It might be time to consider switching up your plan. Changing energy providers is fairly simple, but before you do, make sure you know how and when to do it to make the switch even easier.

Clara V.
Clara V.

Are electric blankets expensive to run?

Using an electric blanket is an economical way to beat the cold, but how much does it cost to run one? And how do heated blankets and throws stack up against space heaters? Knowing the difference can help you stay cosy and keep your electricity bills down.

Clara V.
Clara V.

Contents insurance for renters: what you need to know

If there’s an accident, natural disaster, or break-in, not having insurance can leave you stressed and take a huge chunk out of your bank account. Contents or renters insurance is designed to protect you in situations like these and help you get back on your feet.

Clara V.
Clara V.