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TemuNo complaints with products.

I have bought several items. I requested a return because I misjudged the size of ear rings. Went through the return process explanation etc. Was surprised to receive a message that a refund would be issued but no need to return suggestions included gift to someone else, recycle. Sizing is good if you check measurements. Have only bought kids dress ups though, not adult clothes..I know there's been some reporting regarding if they are ethical so will look in to that. Made in China but isn't that true of many items in OZ.

joybelleMelbourne outer east
Perfect PreownedMACBOOK AIR 2019

Brought a MacBook air 2019 model, silver in acceptable. and it is great, only a few scratches on it, other than that it is amazing. i am so happy with my purchase.

Kiera L
Kiera LThe Mallee, VIC
YumboxThis incredible lunchbox lasted 8 years!

From the first day of kindy in 2016 to the last day of year 6 in 2023. This trusty little lunch box went off to school full of goodies. A broken latch in year 2 was a small setback, but a new $5 latch and it was off and running again. I was always naughty putting it in the bottom of the dishwasher, but the worst to happen was losing the name sticker. It has sadly been retired as it's apparently not cool enough for high school. However, my youngest daughter's yumbox is 5 years old and will be put to work for for another 3 years. Well worth the investment!

AliPerth, WA

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Clara V.
Clara V.

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Clara V.
Clara V.

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Clara V.
Clara V.

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Clara V.
Clara V.

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Clara V.
Clara V.

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Clara V.
Clara V.