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Fitness First

Happy Australia Day - they conned my mother 70yr old to a free session.


Mum received an offer for free gym sessions, she went along, they gave her the free gym sesssion, mum explained she was here until the borders open, she lives in QLD. Do they have gyms there? Only one the lady explained. How long can I stay, the lady explained indefinitely, mum said she would usurped the treadmill but couldn’t stay today. On the way out they presented another offer 2 x person to person assistance sessions in using the gym. It was clear she has never been. Mum agreed and gave her details for the $35 promo. They were to call her to book it i. They called two weeks later, how was your sessions,. Mum replied, I’m still waiting for your call. Ok no worries replied the person. Two weeks later mum has noticed $66 come out of her account. The pension money did seem low lately. She had asked me to help her out with her phone bill, no worries mum, in 52 years she has never asked me for money. Bewildered As mum is very financially responsible, I asked she explained, then we looked into her account Fitness First is taking out $66 per fortnight since she walked in. I questioned mum, she explained that they knew she was going back to QLD in a week or so ( wishful thinking ) . I can’t help but think 1. Fitness First hires imbeciles or 2. They scammed my mum. Please be aware of the nature of the customer service. Read all reviews and don’t think for a moment that they represent Australians. Happy Australia Day as I take my one day off in months to sort this out.

Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day

Australian Institute of Personal Trainers

Great course for a busy lifestyle


I have only just started the course and I and still working full time. I enjoy how flexible this course is and how simple it is set out. Very easy to follow along without feeling lost or like there’s not enough information. I have had Tamara guiding me through this course and answer all my questions and she has been very reassuring. I am enjoying this course a lot so far. Highly recommend to anyone who is on the fence about it! So glad I went with AITP!

Amber D.

Amber D.

Motor Scout

Excellent service. Couldn’t have been better.


Joanna was really friendly and extremely efficient in getting the quote which we ended up buying. Thank you so much for all the help. I highly recommend Motor Scout to anyone who is interested in purchasing a car.




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