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Excellent Sweetner


I have used this sweetener mainly for salad dressings and occasionally for cooking. There is no bitterness if you use the *correct dosage*! Too much and any sweetener will taste bitter as they are much more intense than sugar. Because this sweetener is no longer available at WW and Coles, I decided to get liquid Stevia. Big disappointment! a) Sugarless requires less dosage: 4 vs. 10 drops (Stevia) = 1 tsp of sugar b) Sugarless sweetness is stronger even with equivalent dosage. c) With Stevia if you sweeten to the point where you taste sweetness it has a bitter taste. So after my brief stint with Stevia, I searched for a source of the Sugarless Sweetener and there is a website where you can purchase it. There is a website which starts with the letter b (I do not want to seem like advertising for that company) which distributes this sweetener, thank goodness.



Sydney, NSW, AU