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Kmart Retail StoresKmart big brother with free labour

I went to Kmart and as we know they make us scan our own items. Then I’m waving the item back and forth because the scanner isn’t picking up the item. Well the machine went ape poo! It flashed up saying something like “looks like you haven’t scanned an item” and replayed a video from above my head of me attempting the scan a $5 imported item. Really?! Way to make your customers feel comfortable. I think I’ll just shop elsewhere… fine too far! You make us do the labour for free and then make us feel like criminals!!

Cheryl Ashun
Cheryl Ashun
Fussy Cat Dry Cat Food Chicken & OceanfishHappy Cat

My cat loves this! She’s quite a fussy eater and of course my precious baby is spoilt with Fussy Cat Dry Food Chicken & Oceanfish.

lilworthyhuangGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC
Robot My LifeAll good in every way. I'm so excited about my hobot.

Very impressed with this company and my hobot saves me so much work. It cleans while I put my feet up!

Lorna B.
Lorna B.South East Queensland, QLD