Fridge and Dishwasher Awards for 2020!

Wendy Z.
Wendy Z.Published on 12 Nov 2019

These large kitchen appliances are the backbone of your kitchen, meant to last you many years. The initial cost of a fridge or dishwasher is high, so to make sure you're not buying a lemon, here are the award-winning fridges and dishwashers of 2020. Our reviewers have provided detailed ratings for important factors to consider when choosing a refrigerator or dishwasher, such as Noise Level and Internal Layout.

Top Mount Fridges / Refrigerators · See All

This year the award winner for the top mount fridge category is the LG GT-442. Available in either a white ($1,049) or stainless ($1,149) finish, the fridge features a LG Inverter Linear Compressor and DoorCooling+, designed to help keep food fresher for longer and enhance cooling for stored items. LG also provides a 10 year warranty on its inverter compressor and has a Smart Diagnosis app which you can you use on your phone should any issues arise. Most reviewers rate it well for Noise Level and Interal Layout, and users have also noticed that the fridge's 4 star energy rating has saved them money on their energy bills.

LG GT-442
LG GT-442
All-Time Rating4.2
2019 Rating4.18
Price$1,049 - $1,149
Total Capacity442 L
Build Quality4.5
Value for Money4.7
Ease of Use4.7
Cleaning & Maintenance4.7
Noise Level4.7
Internal Layout4.71

Bottom Mount Fridges / Refrigerators · See All

The bottom mount fridge award for this year goes to Fisher & Paykel for their ActiveSmart 519L RF522B series. It retails between $1,849 and $2,099 dependent on colour, handle type, and optional ice / water dispenser feature. It features ActiveSmart Foodcare technology, which adjusts the temperature, airflow and humidity inside the fridge to help keep food fresher for longer. Individual fruit and vegetable cripsers also feature humidity control sliders and glass shelves are spill-safe and removable. Reviewers mention the fridge's consistency in maintaining an even temperature and rate it highly for minimum noise and how easy it is to clean.

Last year's winner, the Samsung SRL458ELS is still rated highly, so we've added it in for you to compare should you prefer the brand or fridge. At $1,599 it's cheaper than the Fisher & Paykel, but it has a slightly smaller total capacity of 458L. It features a 10 year warranty on the digital inverter compressor, a wine rack, flip up shelf and 4 star energy rating. Most reviewers find it to be quiet, spacious, and consistent in maintaining an even temperature.

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 519L Bottom Freezer (RF522B)
Fisher & Paykel Activesmart 518L Bottom Freezer (RF522B)
Samsung SRL458ELS (Silver)
Samsung SRL458ELS (Silver)
All-Time Rating4.44.4
2019 Rating4.084.07
Price$1,849 - $2,099$1,599
Total Capacity519 L458 L
Build Quality4.334.0
Value for Money4.03.67
Ease of Use4.334.44
Cleaning & Maintenance3.673.67
Noise Level4.124.12
Internal Layout4.64.6

French Door Fridges / Refrigerators · See All

When it comes to french door fridges, Mitsubishi Electric is the leading brand that consistenly wins the french door fridge award each year. Last year's winner, the Mitsubishi L4 Grande / Mini is this year tied with another fridge by the same brand, the MR-LX630EM. The L4 Grande / Mini models received stellar reviews again this year, with reviewers noting that the fridge keeps food fresher longer and maintains a constant, reliable temperature. The Mr-LX630EM has a 4 star energy rating and total 630L capacity, ideal for a large household. Reviewers are happy with the layout, temperature consistency, and quietness of the fridge.

Mitsubishi L4 Grande / Mini
Mitsubishi L4 Grande / Mini
Mitsubishi Electric MR-LX630EM
Mitsubishi Electric MR-LX630EM
All-Time Rating4.64.5
2019 Rating4.564.53
Total Capacity710 L630 L
Build Quality4.334.42
Value for Money4.444.33
Ease of Use4.564.58
Cleaning & Maintenance4.884.5
Noise Level4.895.0
Internal Layout4.864.8

Freestanding Dishwashers · See All

Bosch Serie 6 Freestanding Dishwashers are our award winner for Freestanding Dishwashers category for the second year running. The overall ratings for the Serie 6 diswashers are excellent, but to help you choose between them, the two highest rated models in the series have been added below to the comparison table. The Serie 6 SMS66MI02A retails for $1,499 and has 15 place settings as opposed to the Serie 6 SMS66JI01A which retails for $1,399 and has 14 place settings. These dishwashers have been rated highly for noise level and reviewers mention they clean the dishes well.

Bosch Serie 6 All Dishwashers
Bosch Serie 6 All Dishwashers
Bosch Home Appliances Serie 6 SMS66MI02A (Stainless Steel)
Bosch Home Appliances Serie 6 SMS66MI02A
Bosch Home Appliances Serie 6 SMS66JI01A
Bosch Home Appliances Serie 6 SMS66JI01A
All-Time Rating4.54.84.5
2019 Rating4.314.744.56
Price$1,149 - $1,549$1,499$1,399
Build Quality4.914.95.0
Value for Money4.484.84.57
Ease of Use4.795.04.71
Cleaning & Maintenance4.684.94.67
Noise Level4.884.825.0
Internal Layout4.594.644.57