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The best baby products in 2020!

Nathan S.
Nathan S.Published on 29 Oct 2019Last updated on 28 July 2020

Experience can be invaluable when it comes to parenting, so ProductReview.com.au has gathered and analysed a years worth of opinions from over 6,500 Aussie mums and dads to published our Awards for the best baby products for 2020.

This year we had more data than ever to guide our awards process, with winners having to show high ratings for the award period (1st Nov 2018 - 31st Oct 2019) along with a high all-time rating and good feedback in specific areas such as Value for Money. The products awarded here are some of the best baby essentials you can buy, and we hope there's something for everyone! 2019 was a breakout year for Babybee who picked up three awards, while Baby Jogger and Redsbaby received an award each.

3-Wheel Prams & Strollers

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT took out this award for the 3rd year running, cementing it as the best-loved 3-wheeler in the country. While the Baby Jogger website explicitly states the City Mini GT "is not intended for jogging", many reviewers praised it's handling off-the-footpath and most felt it was suitable for running. The one consistent thing owners said they would like to see in the future was better access to the City Mini GT's storage space. There is an update to this product that has just been released so next year we'll see if the streak can continue. The City Mini GT retails for $699.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT

Reviewer Ratings
All-Time Rating4.4
2019 Rating4.31
Build Quality4.67
Value for Money4.48
Cleaning & Maintenance4.7
Packing & Storage4.71

4-Wheel Prams & Strollers

With so many good 4-wheelers on the market we had to reward two prams which our reviewers noted as outstanding, the Babybee Rover 2019 and the Redsbaby METRO2. These two prams are both upgrades to existing models and both received over 200 reviews each during our awards period. The original Redsbaby METRO won an award in this category for the two previous years, so we're sure Redsbaby are proud that their upgraded product was also so well-received. Both these prams are suitable for use from birth, and their seats can be reversed to face forwards or backwards. They can also both swap the seat out for a capsule travel system or a bassinet. These two prams both retail for $649.

Babybee Rover 2019
Babybee Rover 2019
Redsbaby METRO2
Redsbaby METRO2
All-Time Rating4.94.8
2019 Rating4.884.73
Build Quality4.884.72
Value for Money4.924.82
Cleaning & Maintenance4.834.78
Packing & Storage4.814.71

Double Prams & Strollers

This award was jointly given to two products both newly released in early 2019, the Babybee Luna and the Babybee Duo. While the Luna is a conventional double pram with side-by-side seating, the Duo can be converted between a single seat and a tandem seating configuration. Both prams are suitable from birth, and reviewers loved the comfort and versatility of these two prams. The Luna is priced at $699 while the Duo is slightly dearer at $799.

Babybee Luna
Babybee Luna
Babybee Duo
Babybee Duo
All-Time Rating5.04.8
2019 Rating4.964.83
Build Quality4.874.76
Value for Money4.964.92
Cleaning & Maintenance4.864.85
Packing & Storage4.774.72

Baby Car Seats

This category has been a two horse race for the last few years, with Britax Safe-n-Sound's Millenia SICT and Maxi Guard Pro picking up their 3rd and 4th consecutive awards. The Millenia SICT is designed for newborns up to the age of 4 and is compatible with the ISOFIX anchorage system. The Maxi Guard Pro is not ISOFIX compatible and has a minimum age recommendation of 6 months but should last a child up until the age of 8. The Millenia SICT retails for $719 and the Maxi Guard Pro for $579.

Millenia SICT
Millenia SICT
Maxi Guard Pro
Maxi Guard Pro
All-Time Rating4.74.8
2019 Rating4.814.85
Build Quality4.824.9
Value for Money4.54.5
Cleaning & Maintenance4.724.6
Ease of Use4.594.67
Ease of Installation4.554.47
Ease of Height Adjustment4.434.78

Baby Carriers

Our winner for the best baby carrier is a product that has been on the market for a few years but only recently started to gain recognition, the Ergobaby All Position Omni 360 Carrier.

Ergobaby All Position Omni 360 Carrier

At $299, this is one of the more expensive carriers on the market, but reviewers praised the Omni 360's weight distribution and back support for the parent which allowed them to comfortably carry their baby around for longer while still having use of both hands. The Omni 360 has four carrying options: - Front Carry facing inwards - Front Carry facing outwards - Hip Carry - Back Carry Please note that only the parent-facing front carry option is recommended for the first 5-6 months after birth.

One consistent drawback that reviewers brought up was the difficulty they had putting on and adjusting the carrier. Some said they required assistance from their partner and weren't confident putting it on by themselves. However, despite this criticism the Ergobaby All Position Omni 360 Carrier still received plenty of positive feedback and receives our award for the best baby carrier of 2020.

Breast Pumps

This year the breast pump awards were dominated by industry main-stay Spectra. The three award winners we selected all have slightly different features so mums can pick the one that suits their lifestyle. The top-rated breast pumps for 2020 are Spectra's S1+ Hospital Grade Double, S2 Hospital Grade Double, and the 9 Plus Portable Double!

The S1+ and S2 are very similar, with the main point of difference being that the S1 has an inbuilt rechargeable battery, while the S2 must be plugged into an outlet to function. Both models are closed systems with a host of nice-to-have features like a nightlight, timer, and 5 speed settings. However, despite the S1+ having a rechargeable battery, it still weighs 2kg, so it's not something you can just toss in your bag on the way out the door. If you are looking for a super portable breast pump, our reviewers loved the 9 Plus. This model weighs less than 300 grams, making it a lot easier to take with you than the S1+ or S2. This portability comes at the sacrifice of it being a little noiser than the S1+ or S2, and it not being hospital grade.

Spectra S1+
Spectra S2
9 Plus
Spectra 9 Plus
All-Time Rating4.84.74.7
2019 Rating4.574.44.62
Build Quality4.354.565.0
Value for Money4.244.194.5
Cleaning & Maintenance4.334.44.8
Ease of Use4.714.584.9
Noise Level *4.484.253.9

*A higher score indicates a quieter machine

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