The Robot Vacuums Awards for 2020

Avleen M.
Avleen M.Published on 29 June 2020

A good robot vacuum will clean your floors while you’re at work, or taking care of the kids, or relaxing on the couch with a cuppa. Robotic vacuums might make cleaning a dream, but the influx of new models every year can make it hard to know which one to pick. In this article, we share feedback from reviewers of the Top 5 Robot Vacuums in 2020 to help you learn what to prioritise and what to avoid in a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Xiaomi Roborock S50 (2nd gen) - $699


Xiaomi Roborock S50

The Xiaomi Roborock S50 (2nd Gen) took out the top prize for #1 robot vacuum in 2019 and 2020 so far, and was awarded 5 stars by 73% of reviewers. Reviews featured titles such as ‘Best bit of tech I have ever bought,’ ‘Smart and reliable ‘ and ‘The only choice.’

Positive reviews praised:

  • Many reviewers liked the app functionality of this Wi-Fi robot vacuum. They commented that the app was easy to use, as well as highly convenient. Users appreciated that they could customise the Roborock’s mapping route, set pre-programmed cleaning times and days, as well as block certain areas.
  • ‘Excellent coverage’ was cited by reviewers, who said their Robovac easily fit under hard-to-reach places such as under their sofa or removing dust trapped in corners.
  • The Roborock S50 did an impressive job thoroughly cleaning a variety of floor surfaces. This included hard surfaces such as wood and tiled floors, and carpets
  • Reviewers who had kids or pets particular loved the amount of ‘fluff and dust (the Roborock S50) picked up every day’
  • Other positive comments were that the Roborock S50’s filters and sensors were easy to clean, that the product worked exactly as it should, and that the happy new robovac owners used theirs daily.

Points of criticism mentioned:

  • While the Roborock S50’s vacuum function was highly praised, its mopping function fell short of the mark, according to reviewers. Some reviewers pointed out that it wasn’t efficient on timber floors, in particular. Others said it left stripes on their floors. However, often the same reviewers ended the thought by saying that the Roborock’s thorough and efficient vacuum function made up for this.
  • The Roborock S50 can frequently suck up loose cords or become tangled in them

Samsung Powerbot VR9200 - $1799*


Samsung Powerbot VR9200

The Powerbot VR9200 was the top-rated robot vacuum in Samsung’s Powerbot 9000 Series.

Positive reviews praised:

  • It was very easy to unclip and empty the Powerbot VR9200’s bagless dust catchers
  • The Powerbot VR92000 was particularly effective at ‘getting rid of all traces of animal hair,’ in particular dog fur, and providing a thorough and reliable clean overall
  • A smooth transition between different surfaces e.g. tiles to carpet

Points of criticism mentioned:

  • Many reviewers mentioned that the Wi-Fi feature had limited functionality, as the smartphone app was not straightforward to use. This was particularly the case with users who had an iPhone or other non-Samsung phone or tablet. This sometimes caused the VR9200 to need supervision, as it could get stuck, or returned to the docking station before the cleaning cycle was complete.
  • As the Powerbot VR9200 is slightly tall, it may not fit under low sofas or beds

*If this model is too expensive, consider the Samsung Powerbot VR7000M instead (reviewed below), which has a high rating at 4 stars reviews and sells for less than half the price, at $799.

Vorwerk Kobold VR200 - $1,499


Vorwerk Kobold

Over half the reviews awarded the Vorwerk Kobold 5 stars, with one glowing review entitled, ‘My best friend basically.’

Positive reviews praised:

  • Mainly the Vorwerk Kobold was praised for being a smooth operator. One reviewer summed up the sentiment well when they wrote ‘just put it on and off it goes.’ Users also noted that their robot vacuum hardly got stuck or bumped into objects. They concluded that this was due to powerful suction and good sensors
  • It worked well on both carpet and tiles
  • Most reviewers who gave high ratings used their Vorwerk Kobold daily or once every two days

Points of criticism mentioned:

  • Some reviewers mentioned problems with docking – such as their robot vacuum falling short of the docking station before a new charge
  • Operating the Kobold using Wi-Fi required the whole house to have a reliable Wi-Fi connection; otherwise the robot vacuum stopped workng
  • The Vorwerk Kobold could get stuck in small wires or thin mats, so reviewers recommended removing these from the floor before use
  • A number of reviewers mentioned problems dealing with Godfrey’s when it came to repairs and warranty issues

Neato Botvac DC00 - $899


Neato Botvac DC00

Part of the popular Neato Botvac D Series, the Neato Botvac DC00 is more reasonably priced that Neato’s latest Botvac Connected D7 model, which retails for $1,499.

According to many reviewers, the Neato Botvac DC00 was indispensable in keeping their home clean on a daily basis. One happy customer commented: ‘This by far has to be the very best purchase I have ever made in my life. I hate vacuuming and twice a week I leave the house and use my phone to get the vacuum to do its job.’

Positive reviews praised:

  • Many users were happy with the DC00’s navigation system, and how it effectively used a floor plan to move easily and accurately from room to room.
  • Reviewers were especially happy with the robot vacuum’s performance when they left the house, operating it using the Neato app. When DC00 users were at home, the robot vac also responded well to voice activation through a smart home Google Assistant.
  • This model provided a thorough clean, using superior dirt detection to suck up even the smallest specks of dirt
  • The DC00 proved particularly effective at cleaning floors of larger homes, including two-storey houses. Users trusted this robot vacuum to clean their larger spaces without supervision, thanks to accurate cliff-drop and obstacle detection sensors.
  • Reviewers commented that it manoeuvred easily across a variety of surfaces, including floorboards, carpet and tiles.

Points of Criticism mentioned:

  • The small dirt bin was viewed as inconvenient by some reviewers
  • Cords became easily tangled up with the DC00 if not cleared away beforehand
  • Some reviewers found that Neato customer support wasn’t that helpful when they experienced product issues, which was particularly the case when the warranty period elapsed.

Samsung Powerbot VR7000M - $799


Samsung Powerbot VR7000M

Retailing at $799 (relatively affordable for a robot vacuum), the Samsung Powerbot VR7000M is slightly more within sights than the Samsung Powerbot VR9200, part of the newer Samsung 9000 Series and summarised above.

Points of praise mentioned:

  • Many reviewers were impressed by how thoroughly the VR7000M cleaned away specks of dirt, especially in hard-to-reach places like corners and edges (this was credited to the robovac’s square head).
  • Reviewers who used this model to clean tiles and hardwood flooring were particularly impressed by the results.
  • The Samsung Powerbot VR7000M removed the laborious task of picking up pet fur. One reviewer mentioned it even fared well with cleaning long pet hair, which not many robotic vacuums excel at. Another reviewer who has thirteen pets commented that her robovac did a great job of picking up animal hair, fur and feathers.

Points of criticism mentioned:

  • Some users commented that the Samsung VR7000M only lasted 30 minutes on a single charge, rather than the 60 minute run time claimed by Samsung
  • Some iPhone users had trouble connecting to the Samsung smartphone app to use the Wi-Fi feature to operate their robot vacuum, or to operate their robot vacuum remotely (which revealed itself as a common theme for reviewers who bought a Samsung robot vacuum but owned iPhones or other Apple devices).

iRobot Roomba

The iRobot Roomba 690, part of the Roomba 600 Series, was an Award Winner in 2017 and 2018. It’s a slightly more affordable option at the mid-range price of $590. Reviewers enjoyed the Roomba 690’s smooth and problem-free operation cleaning, even cleaning vinyl and concrete floors.

ALDI Robot Vacuum

As at June 2020, there is currently no ALDI Robot Vacuum on the market. The previous ALDI-branded robovacs, the ALDI Stirling Robot Vacuum (sold in 2018 for one month) had 3.8 stars from 11 reviews, and the ALDI Stirling Robot Vacuum (2013-17 model) scored 3.7 stars out of 66 reviews; not bad for its $189 sale price.

The last model, the Ecovacs Robotics’ Deebot 900 Ozmo, sold in March this year as part of ALDI’s Special Buys for just $399 but is no longer on the market. Keep a lookout for ALDI’s Special Buys for any new offerings.


When it comes to robot vacuums, the latest releases in tech and timing won’t necessarily be the right models for you. We hope that by reading the review summaries of the Top 5 Rated vacuums of all time on, you now have a better understanding of what leads to buyer satisfaction when it comes to robot vacuums. This can include: whether a robot vacuum is suited to cleaning the floor surfaces in your home, how it transitions between surfaces, its suction power, whether a robotic vacuum can clean your whole home in one charge, and whether it can be operated remotely with ease and convenience. If you'd like to be re-directed to the page with all robot vacuum reviews, you can click here.

Ratings and review data in this article are accurate as at July 1st 2020.

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