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  • should-i-get-a-slow-cooker-pressure-cooker-or-multi-cooker

    Thanks to slow cookers, pressure cookers and multi cookers, the days of slaving away over a stovetop are over. This buying guide will help you decide which kitchen appliance is right for you.

    Avleen M.
    Avleen M.21 May 2020

  • how-to-find-the-best-smart-watch-or-fitness-tracker

    Choosing a new smartwatch can be both exciting and overwhelming - Read on for information to help point you in the right direction.

    Avleen M.
    Avleen M.17 May 2020

  • benchtop-and-toaster-ovens-buying-guide

    Everyone loves a good, home-cooked meal - crispy-crust pizza, anyone? A benchtop/toaster oven is a mini, portable oven that sits on your kitchen counter and achieves delicious results. Read on for more information about whether a toaster oven is right for you.

    Avleen M.
    Avleen M.12 May 2020

  • microwaves-buying-guide

    One of life’s little conveniences, a reliable microwave easily lets you enjoy hot food and drinks at home. Whether you’re making 2-minute noodles, microwave scrambled eggs or cooking rice, a microwave is an essential everyday appliance you can quickly wonder how you ever lived without.

    Avleen M.
    Avleen M.8 May 2020

  • ipl-machines-buying-guide

    If you love that silky-smooth skin feeling from the comfort of home, IPL is a long-term solution that can save you salon trips. Our buying guide can help you decide if IPL is right for you.

    Avleen M.
    Avleen M.30 Apr 2020

  • electric-blankets-buying-guide

    Along with hot drinks and thick socks, electric blankets are one of winter’s most-loved creature comforts. If you’re looking for wraparound warmth that clings to you deliciously, an electric blanket or heated throw is a top pick.

    Avleen M.
    Avleen M.22 Apr 2020

  • electric-and-gas-heaters-buying-guide

    With the chilly season just around the corner, a room heater can be just the thing to keep you cosy. Read on for more information on how to strike a match with the best heaters for your home space, lifestyle and budget.

    Avleen M.
    Avleen M.17 Apr 2020

  • budget-coffee-machines-bread-makers-and-food-sealers

    In quarantine and in need of fresh coffee, bread and longer lasting food? Read on for more information on kitchen appliances that won’t break the bank and help see you through self isolation during difficult times.

    Wendy Z.
    Wendy Z.27 Mar 2020

  • where-to-buy-and-how-to-choose-a-monitor-and-other-home-office-needs

    In light of the escalating coronavirus pandemic, many Australians are opting to or being asked to work from home. If you need to set up a home office, here’s a quick guide on where to buy and how to choose the essentials like a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

    Wendy Z.
    Wendy Z.20 Mar 2020

  • tips-for-choosing-a-mobile-plan-and-service-provider

    Looking for a new mobile plan? Find out everything you need to know from network coverage and plan types, to data usage and international roaming so that you can pick the best value plan for you.

    Wendy Z.
    Wendy Z.21 Feb 2020

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