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Aldi 29er Performance Mountain Bike

Latest review: Initially wasn't too sure if I wanted to buy Aldi's bike... I was considering Trek Marlin / Dual Sports... but good specs at a very good price, I ended up buying one, its a decision I don't regret at

Aldi Wool Blend Pillow

Latest review: If you are looking for something that is soft but not too bouncy. Low but not too low. Then this is the pillow for you. I have been wasting so much money looking for a perfect pillow for me.... My

Aldi Tens Machine

Latest review: I have been using the tens machine on mum for the past year and it definitely helps her back and shoulder pain. She uses it for 20 to 30 mins at a time on each area. Her physio is also happy for her

Ambiano (Aldi) Espresso Machine

Latest review: My first espresso machine so didn’t want to pay a lot before knowing how to operate one. My first few cups were awful until I got the hang of it. You have to follow the instructions first then e

Sani Pet Cat Litter Crystals

Latest review: This product is fantastic if you have one cat using it. As a owner of three and using this product it definitely is just as expensive as expensive brand buying as I go through quite a lot of the

Tandil (Aldi) Ultra Didshwashing Liquid

Latest review: I've used this product for a while and it doesn't perform as well as other products out there. One needs quite a bit of liquid to get a proper

ALDI Expressi Machine

Latest review: Great product love it works great just got get good coffee to use in it but you will not be disappointed with this products was good for the money compared to

Has No (ALDI) Gluten Free

Latest review: I have been Gluten free for years and i have tried everything but the one product that stands out for being a great taste and cost effective is Aldi's Gluten Free Bread.. For the price its wonderful

Ambiano (ALDI) Air Fryer

Latest review: Had this for only 5 months and failed disappointed with quality and warranty replacement hassle you have to go through. Should be able to take back to store for refund not have to package and post

Diplomat Tea English Breakfast

Latest review: The Earl Grey is a life affirming concious expanding cup of existential possibilities. It's bold aromas and poinetly exentuated flavanoids are a delight to the palette and leave all other teas in its

Expressi Milk Frother

Latest review: Shocking, worked great for a few weeks & it's now in the bin. I wouldn't buy another electrical product from Aldi. The coffee pods were good but weithout frofth it's

Aldi Flat Pack Cabinets

Latest review: I purchased this 2 months ago from Aldi and it was very easy to build, very straight forward. The quality is pretty decent and it is value for the


Latest review: Today I purchased a adjustable kids craft table from your Port Macquarie store, what a great table. The quality is fantastic was easy to build and also comes with a 1 year warranty for only $70 very

Aldi Pet Couch Cover Protector

Latest review: I found drawbacks in The 3 Seater Pet Couch Cover Protector that I bought from Aldi. The fabric is flimsy and it doesn't stay in place. In the picture on the package the cover drapes generously in

Aldi Trimat Advanced

Latest review: Broke out in a rash all over my body. Not allergic to anything! I tested it on my wrist to double check and it felt like it was burning my

Aldi Ergonomic Laundry Basket

Latest review: Aldi sell two broad categories of large all-plastic products. Basically they are either (semi) rigid such as water buckets, laundry baskets (to carry clothes from and to the washing line) and clothes

Aldi Fabric Bed Frame

Latest review: Put the bed together had problems with the slats but finally got it together put the mattress on we had intercourse that night after 2 mins the slats broke the side frames bent & the mattress ended

Aldi Soft Close Toilet Seat

Latest review: Bought in the US: this toilet seat was a total waste of time. It is not a standard size, and the way it adjusts makes it either too long or too short for my standard 18.5 inch toilet bowl. Standard

Aldi Muller-Licht LED Light Bulb

Latest review: It was a 13w job and started flicking on and off one night like astrobe light. Turned it off because I was certain it was going to explode. Seemed alright the next day but after 15 minutes it started

SOHL Premium Office Chair

Latest review: As with the reviewer of the Luca (Aldi) Ergonomic Office Chair (which looks near identical to this one) I found the foam sponge used in the seat of the chair had lost all support within a matter of

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