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ALDI Thermo Cookers

ALDI Thermo Cookers · includes 3 listings

3.4 from 18 reviews

Latest review: I have no control with the thermostat. I’m continually told my problem has escalated. Never hear from Tempo . Not impressed with Tempo and after sales service. Stirling quality control is pretty u

ALDI Bauhn 4K Ultra HD

ALDI Bauhn 4K Ultra HD · includes 40 listings

3.1 from 449 reviews

Latest review: This picture quality is the only good thing about this TV. The rest is poor including sound not sinking with video. The smart apps either don't work or crash. Netflix cannot load from the installed

ALDI Air Fryer

ALDI Air Fryer · includes 9 listings

3.6 from 87 reviews

Latest review: We bought it from ALDI. On first use, it left my whole apartment smelling like burnt plastic, very toxic. All rooms got contaminated. My family ended with headaches, dizziness and nausea just from

ALDI Essential Health Slim & Trim

ALDI Essential Health Slim & Trim · includes 4 listings

4.1 from 125 reviews

A fast-selling and popular weight loss drink, if you want to try the ALDI shake, you’d better grab it fast. With no artificial colours, sweeteners, and no added preservatives, the ALDI shake is a cheap and convenient option.

ALDI Dishwashers

ALDI Dishwashers · includes 11 listings

2.9 from 190 reviews

Latest review: I've been trying to get a door seal replacement for a while now and the manufacturer keeps ignoring all my emails. When I called I had an extremely long conversation with a person that had no idea

ALDI Petrol Mower

ALDI Petrol Mower · includes 16 listings

3.0 from 197 reviews

Latest review: Had this mower about 3 years now and its still going good, only thing i done recently was replace the blade because it was struggling to cut, now its like brand new

ALDI Air Fryer Oven

ALDI Air Fryer Oven · includes 4 listings

3.6 from 31 reviews

Latest review: Horrible product. They are for those that do not know what a good air fryer is. It took me 3 times longer to cook compared to the Albiano also sold at Aldi. I got my money back on the same day,

ALDI Mobile

ALDI Mobile

2.4 from 1,483 reviews

Latest review: I have 3 handsets with aldimobile, been with them for 3 months, recently noticed I can no longer call or receive calls in my area located in metro Sydney (inner west). Had similar experience

ALDI Pressure Washer

ALDI Pressure Washer · includes 11 listings

2.8 from 45 reviews

Latest review: Product does the job and is value for money. Convinced other reviews where people can't thread hose is due to the fact they are actually trying to connect it to the wrong spot. It goes in the front

ALDI Expressi Machine

ALDI Expressi Machine · includes 5 listings

4.0 from 943 reviews

Latest review: Out of this world for coffee and pods quality. The coffee is hot, pods are inexpensive and top quality. Saved a fortune staying at home. We were looking at machines 4 times the price. Best

ALDI Bauhn Full HD TV

ALDI Bauhn Full HD TV · includes 23 listings

2.6 from 147 reviews

Latest review: When I go to menu and try to adjust tint can't do it as it's not highlighted How can tint be adjusted other than that tv is pretty good for

ALDI Portable Fridge / Freezer

ALDI Portable Fridge / Freezer · includes 3 listings

3.5 from 46 reviews

Latest review: I bought this as a back-up for my Waeco that cost twice the price. IMHO it works every bit as well as the Waeco. It has been to hell and back on some of the roughest Outback tracks imaginable. I have

ALDI Inverter Generator

ALDI Inverter Generator · includes 6 listings

2.5 from 37 reviews

Latest review: A well constructed compact design, I followed all the instructions and it started perfectly. Note: I noticed a vacuum hose from the air-filter to the OHV cover not positioned in the OHV cover hole,

ALDI Robot Vacuum

ALDI Robot Vacuum · includes 2 listings

3.7 from 81 reviews

Latest review: I never used to be a fan of robot vacuum cleaners but saw Aldi we’re offering one at good value. For what you pay it’s pretty good and does the job. There are times where it might get stuck in bet

ALDI Espresso Machine

ALDI Espresso Machine · includes 4 listings

2.7 from 52 reviews

Latest review: Milk frother does not froth well. The coffee quality wasn't consistent. Coffee was not hot enough. Did not work after 4 months. Easy to use. Cleans easy. Was very messy.

ALDI Estelle Mattress In A Box

ALDI Estelle Mattress In A Box · includes 5 listings

3.4 from 47 reviews

Latest review: Bought a queen mattress from aldi. Bed seems comfortable, but the smell coming from it is horrendous. We have had to revert back to old mattress. Slept on for 2 nights, seemed comfortable, pity

ALDI Wet and Dry Vacuum

ALDI Wet and Dry Vacuum · includes 3 listings

2.8 from 5 reviews

Latest review: This vacuum sucks but not in the way you need! The model is the Aldi branded "Ferrex TVC125". For those who know about power ratings, 1200 watts (rated) means nothing about it's real capacity to pick

ALDI Expressi Milk Frother

ALDI Expressi Milk Frother · includes 5 listings

3.0 from 130 reviews

The ALDI Expressi Milk Frother is a 240mL electric milk frother sold for $29.99.

ALDI Bar Fridge

ALDI Bar Fridge · includes 11 listings

3.7 from 12 reviews

Latest review: We’ve had it for a while and it still works great! We’ve had the shelves full of cans and they are all cold with no variance in temperature in the fri



2.6 from 2,040 reviews

Latest review: There’s no phone numbers. You can’t ring a store. There’s no customer service desk. There’s often long lines and they’re always closing checkouts. There’s also not much of a selection of products. It’

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