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Apple iPhone XS Max

Latest review: The screen is awesome. it is much faster than my iPhone X. I will recommend my friend to buy it if they want to upgrade. However, the price is

Apple Airport Extreme 802.11ac

Latest review: Bought a secondhand unit to replace my existing WIFI router. What's good? Very easy setup. Good WIFI strength, able to still communicate when signal strength is very weak (-80dBm). What's not so

Apple iPad Pro (3rd Generation)

Latest review: I use it heaps to manage all the wireless products in the house. I love the sketching apps that you can use so no longer need to waste papers and buy pencils and ink

Apple iPhone 8

Latest review: Excellent phone, best phone with a home button. I do regret not getting the plus as I find this phone a little small especially since my hands aren't small. The plus would have better battery life

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display 13-inch

Latest review: I’ve wanted a MacBook for a while now because of the build quality and the simplicity of the OS. I spend an average 6 hours a day using it for college and the battery still has a fair charge left. T

Apple iMac Retina 5K 27 inch

Latest review: If you are thinking of getting this for work, with loads of software to run, better stay away. It is NOT built for work, definitely not for design work. Worst compatibility with Adobe software. This

Apple iMac 27 inch

Latest review: I love the all in one unit and the actual thinness of the computer. I have dverthing in a large font for ease to read and navigate. It is easy to use, download apps and connect devices to. It has

Apple EarPods

Latest review: A quality durable pair of headphones that have been tested to the limit and haven't broken down. Decent sound quality with decent bass brings out the life in music which cheaper flimsier headphones

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch

Latest review: This is a bit of a god tier laptop, it is light but a bit of a brick sometimes because when watching video it is light but I have iMessage so all good. Fans are quiet and that's

Apple HomePod

Latest review: I bought the HomePod so I could listen to music and the radio, mainly in the kitchen. I’m a musician and a hifi enthusiast, so sound quality was my main requirement. The HomePod sounds great. Far b

Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

Latest review: Finally found the Apple product that allows the iPhones with the Lightning connector to work on older hi-fi products that still has the 30-pin adapter. Is it worth the price? My entire family

Apple Wired

Latest review: I bought this keyboard after using Apples running WinXP at Uni. They are outstanding build quality and functionality. I used to be a typesetter and this is the best keyboard I have ever used (by

Apple iMac 21.5 inch

Latest review: I've bee using Mac for almost 20 years and recently bought this latest iMac but was huge disappointment. Compare to the one I had, bought back in 2012, this was way better computer. Worst

Apple AirPort Express

Latest review: Originally bought this to connect non-WIFI devices to WIFI network - ie. CCTV recorder, very easy to setup and no problem doing the job I intended it to do. The only drawback is the 100baseT wired

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Latest review: I purchased this from Officeworks East Kew for $70 so I can type when I am searching for my favourite TV Shows using YouTube on the Apple TV since the remote that comes with the Apple TV is harder to

Apple TV

Latest review: Very good product, mirror my iPhone to tv, can watch movie, photos, YouTube, gaming, I am very satisfied with the Apple TV, but it is not 4K, the 5 th gen is

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display 15-inch

Latest review: Working as the first day I bought. Using it for photography and artistic designs, never got a virus like my old windows or frozen even that I use apps that requires a lot of memory ram and power. An

Apple Macbook 12-inch

Latest review: The macbook is super portable but I honestly can't imagine anyone would be bothered by the small size difference between this and the Air. Others have mentioned the weight difference but it's only

Apple SIM

Latest review: I’m not sure what the last reviewer was talking about. We live in Australia and recently travelled to Canada and the USA. Rather than have to go to a supplier’s store and buy a new SIM card, we were

Apple Mac Pro

Latest review: My husband had been waiting 5 years to purchase a Mac Pro. He was so excited when we were finally able to purchase one, and proudly unwrapped his $5500 purchase. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT. It will only

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