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Baumr-AG Portable Compost Tumbler 190L

Latest review: I just got one of these a week or so back. Bought online. Reasonably easy to assemble, though I thought it was a bit miserly that the assembly instructions did not come with. Instead was a URL where

Baumr-AG BCX720

Latest review: I bought this on Ebay from a company called Edisons. It only started twice and it took at least 20 goes, the cord jams and the choke box fell off and got lost. The harness is useless making it

Baumr-AG TR2

Latest review: It takes longer to do the lawn than it would with a loud and heavy petrol line trimmer, as it is not so powerful, but I am happy with it as it is very quiet and light so it is much less stressful, in

Baumr-AG HB-2

Latest review: Bought this leaf blower for $80 from eBay (had a special promo on, normally $99). Great little product, very light and surprisingly powerful and much quieter than petrol blowers plus no nasty fumes

Baumr-AG 660EX

Latest review: Do not buy this Lawn Mower, you cannot get parts for it. I have been dealing with a company called Edisons on eBay and they have no interest on selling parts for this mower. The grass box rips easy

Baumr-AG CSX75

Latest review: Lasted 10 minutes before total destruction.. Should have known better, Don't waste your money trying to save a few dollars.. All Baumr products are inferior to say the least... Not

Baumr-AG SX52

Baumr-AG SX45 MK II

Baumr-AG Self-Propelled 680SX

Baumr-AG Self-Propelled 760SX II

Baumr-AG SX76

Baumr-AG 665EX

Baumr-AG Self-Propelled 770SX II

Baumr-AG Self-Propelled 700SX II

Baumr-AG BPX700 Post Hole Digger

Latest review: Being somewhat disabled, most manual labour in the garden or for DIY is off limits for me. Now I also like gardening to a small degree and wanted some fruit trees. The answer, a Bauer-AG Post Hole

Baumr-AG Self-Propelled 890SX II

Baumr-AG Self-Propelled 880SX II

Baumr-AG 880SX

Baumr-AG Self-Propelled 690SX II

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