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Bauhn (Aldi) In Ear Headphones 62400

Latest review: Hey im not sure how great they are compared to a pair of $300 but the realy do a good job. For the price they sound fine. One potential problem is that the wiring is very fine and if you sleep with

Bauhn (Aldi) ATV32-715

Latest review: I'm very pleased with this Aldi sold Product it has a nice detailed picture and after watching digital TV the picture is also very good. Sound quality is better than expected. I found when I watched

Bauhn (Aldi) Noise Cancelling HE215028

Latest review: Cheap set of wireless headphones. Sound quality is ok. Used with TV is better. When used with laptop it makes a buzzing sound in the background. The headphone turns off within a minute of inactivity

Bauhn (Aldi) 4K Ultra HD

Latest review: This amazing TV has the best quality and colour. It is the perfect TV for gaming as the inches and and the quality is great. You can use this TV to watch Youtube, and stream moves, and additionally,

Bauhn (Aldi) Full HD TV

Latest review: Has soft sound, and cannot be fixed. Not fully featured PVR so will not record whilst TV in standby mode. TV must be on and running to record. Scheduled record causes TV to freeze and become non

Bauhn (Aldi) ATV39HD-118 39

Latest review: My partner and I are pretty happy with this tv. It's a reasonable size and a good price. The only thing we've noticed is that the sound isn't amazing and doesn't always deal with louder sounds too

Bauhn (Aldi) Universal Travel Adaptor Kit ATAK-1118

Latest review: Seems like a great product with 4 USB ports but for my purpose I can only use one at a time because of the limit of the power. If you happen to plug in devices that exceed the limit then the USBs

Bauhn (Aldi) Soundbar

Latest review: On sale at Aldi on the 23rd March 19 for $119. First impression was that it was quite a solid build and visually appealing however only one colour. About 90cm long, 8 D, 6 H.Comes with a couple of

Bauhn ASET-1116

Latest review: Arm will not move along track 2-3 cm from record label. Needle is steel so, won’t play any really old 78s. I guess in this regard you get what you paid for, as they require diamond needles. Stereo