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Dulux Aquanamel

Latest review: Dulux AquanamelTerrible finish on our doors. Painted loads of doors before, never had a issue with other brands of paint. Purchased 10L ....what a waste of money. Do not recommend this product at

Dulux Wash & Wear

Latest review: I’ve never had paint that has created the finish this paint has, did everything right, washed ceiling with sugar soap wiped clean with 2 buckets of water, patched and then lightly sanded existing c

Dulux Metalshield Epoxy Enamel

Latest review: Grabbed this product in the pressure packs to paint my aluminium racks for my car, i prepped the aluminium with wax and grease remover then made sure to fully wipe off grease remover sprayed 24hrs

Dulux Weathershield

Latest review: Excellent finish, great assistance from trade representative liaising with contractor Wilko. Job completed on time. The second time we have used this Dulux product in the last 12 years on a site

Dulux Ceiling White

Latest review: I painted my son’s room with this paint 3 years ago. I then noticed a bizarre smell coming from his room. Got pest control in to put down rat poison and spray. it smelled like a dead animal or animal

Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough

Latest review: I wish I had read reviews about this paint. I have bought Dulux paint for years and have always been pleased with the quality so I didn't hesitate to buy a paint that I thought would work well for a

Dulux Precision Sealer Binder

Latest review: I painted my house after receiving from builder - white plaster surface - - two coats applied - allowed 1 week to fully dry - applied after two coats the dulux wash and wear paint - used

Dulux Texture Full Cover

Latest review: I purchased the full cover finish. The expensive roller i saw in the video and purchased from Bunnings was not suitable nor did it work like shown in the video. The reason for that is that the small

Dulux Ceiling White NeverMiss

Latest review: was given this paint as unused by friend,went on great in 1 coat..then dried and the smell got worse hour by hour.. no happy at all.. and yet here we are 1 year on and your still selling

Dulux Duramax Bright Finish Spray

Latest review: Wanted to refinish some plastic drawer pulls. The lid for Bright Gold is bright gold but the spray paint itself looks copper in colour. Picture below. Very disappointed especially for this price

Dulux Super Enamel

Latest review: Tried aquanamel for stained wood trim over both water based and oil based primers. Big fail. Found a tin of super enamel I had for about 6 years but never used it. Opened the tin, gave it a good stir


Latest review: We are a professional painting and decorating business and the customer service at Dulux is APPALING. Tom Torpy in the Dulux team bullied and harassed us, and fought with us to the point of tears. We

Dulux 1Step Oil Based Primer, Sealer & Undercoat

Latest review: We have just painted an old weatherboard home. After completely removing previous paint we sanded & sealed with this product. We can not recommend it enough.- it has sealed well, which we need

Dulux Luxafloor

Latest review: I used this product on my triple garage floor. I prepared the concrete by diamond grinding and then laid on 2 base coats of dulux durabuild ste. I then top coated with Luxafloor Rollcoat. I was

Dulux Design Chalkboard

Latest review: Painted on brand new wall and it has worked perfectly - also made another wall the same for a calendar/planner wall in the kitchen. Tips for cleaning - don't use water - dampen a cloth with Coke

Dulux Design Gold Effect

Latest review: Gold effect? Absolutely! I can't understand what the other two reviewers before me did to their painting projects to get such a bad result, maybe they didn't mix the paint properly? Anyway, I can

Dulux Precision Anti Graffiti Coating

Latest review: I had to protect 4 boards that I had painted murals on. They had taken me nearly 40 hours to do. I had used another coating on previous jobs from British Paints which needed to be mixed from 2

Dulux AcraTex

Latest review: We put this product on our house when being constructed some 9 years ago. Some walls are brick and others are Hardie blue board. The brick walls are ageing well and in good condition. This is not so

Dulux Precision Stain Blocker

Latest review: Used this product, didn't work as a stain blocker on vanished window sills and doors, it bleed through 3 coats of Dulux Aqua Enamel. In the end had to do a double coat of stain blocker to get any

Dulux Precision All Metal Primer

Latest review: On advice from my local Dulux Paint Shop - Dulux Precision All Metal Primer was used on rusted vertical steel deck support beams. The circumstances of this application (including the nearby salt

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