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Fantastic Furniture

Latest review: UPDATE: I found the left and right doors of the TV Unit cracked before even attaching hinges to them!! I really don't know what to say. Such a terrible experience. I won't buy anything from you again

Fantastic Furniture Sleeptight

Latest review: Got this for my double bed. As soon as I opened the pack found damage right at the centre of the mattress. They exchanged it for another one. But had to convince sale rep that the pack came with the

Fantastic Furniture Dream Classic

Latest review: Wish I'd read these reviews before purchasing the Dream Classic mattress! Have had this mattress for around 6 weeks, along with a Fantastic Furniture bedframe, and although it's reasonably

Fantastic Furniture Capri

Latest review: Was going to purchase a good mattress from OmF who we have had great experience with even their basic products. But temporarily got sucked into the "oh we could afford a few extra items if we went

Fantastic Furniture Serenity

Latest review: Id say 0 stars if i could. Again the same mattress is replaced and getting back pain, hip and leg pain which i never had on my old mattress before this brand the quality of sleep is very poor. The

Fantastic Furniture Modena Queen Bed

Latest review: Poorly made bed! paper thin slats that break, and legs that just not vertical. After owning it for 3 years and only being in use for almost 2 years.. cheap quality for a cheap bed i guess. Do not

Fantastic Furniture Tribeca 3 Seater

Latest review: Can anyone tell me if they have bought this couch? It looks good, however it seems to slope down in the front & is so hard, I ache after sitting on it a while, also the fabric buckles up after

Fantastic Furniture Chrirorest

Latest review: It was ok for a couple of days I went and brought a pillow topper as my back started to get sore It is sagging on the sides already and uncomfortable not enough

Fantastic Furniture Watson 6 Seater Modular Chaise

Latest review: Brought a Watson lounge suite and it was absolutely amazing just the best would recommend fantastic Furniture to anyone that wants amazing furniture at Fantastic prices and great quality and good

Fantastic Furniture Bravo King Bed

Latest review: One of the slats was broken out of the box, 5 more broke in the first year of use, bed ends up being taller in the middle due to the flexing of the slats and the rigidity of the middle beam. It seems

Fantastic Furniture Tivoli

Latest review: 3 seater charcoal fabric. Nice to look at. Had to put together ourself. Feet included & backs on separate. Thought the no cushion fall off would be a nice change with a family but the noisy spring

Fantastic Furniture Country Double Bed

Latest review: No instruction manual for Platinum base Queen with storage global charcoal. One bed leg was a lemon- didn’t screw in or out. The holes in the bed head sticks were mismatched, so unable to screw in. D

Fantastic Furniture Bounty Queen Bed

Latest review: bought the queen size bounty bed a few years ago have had nothing but problems with the screws that attach the side rails to the head and foot of this bed! Tightening them every week and feeling like

Fantastic Furniture Stamford 3 Seater

Latest review: This is our second Fantastic Furniture sofa and this one is a vast improvement on the Jazz sofa we had before. This sofa has really firm seats and the cushions are sewn into the base so they don't

Fantastic Furniture Drake

Latest review: Felt really great at the store. Initially very happy with the purchase. About 6 months in, the cushions started to sag. The seats have dipped and the backrests are warped. It's quite uncomfortable

Fantastic Furniture Avoca Double Bed

Latest review: Purchased queen size bed. Poor quality timber. Mis aligned holes as well as pre drilled holes too deep so the dowels too long and go through the timber. Extremely noisy and squeaky. Would not

Fantastic Furniture Bravo

Latest review: I had been looking at them for awhile & decided to get this instead of a chair for our bedroom. The reason we chose Bravo as there were other types of Ottmans in store which were cheaper &

Fantastic Furniture Kelly Bunk

Latest review: The only positive thing about this bunk is that it looks nice. It is not a stable bed. It broke with in 6 months. The assembly is a nightmare at least taking it apart was easy as the bed was falling

Fantastic Furniture Tribeca Chaise

Latest review: I too am experiencing the same issue with the peeling chaise. I was told that it was real leather and this is definitely not true. There is no reason why leather would peel after 12 months of use.

Fantastic Furniture Chevron Single Recliner

Latest review: Similar problems as other people, peeling is really bad to the point of sweeping up after ever use and it was replaced once already and have the same problem again. The padding has also worn down

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