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Fisher & Paykel WH1160P3
2.0 from 1 review

Latest review: The washer is a disappointment, especially as i thought F & P was on the better end of the mainstream brands. Not a $3000 German washer but better than the Aldi, Bunnings or other non names i imaged.

Fisher & Paykel AeroXL

Fisher & Paykel AeroXL

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2.1 from 135 reviews

Latest review: Wish I saw the reviews before I purchased the dryer. We have always (we as in me and my whole family, starting with my mother) purchased Fisher and Paykel products having used many with confidence

Fisher & Paykel DH9060 Series

Fisher & Paykel DH9060 Series

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3.3 from 4 reviews

Latest review: Bought this dryer as have enclosed laundry and thought it would do the job as have previous F&P dryers and they have been great. With this model the clothes aren't fully dry at the end of their

Fisher & Paykel 143L Chest Freezer RC143W1

Latest review: Great simple, under-stated design well enough to be in and matching my kitchen. Needed some extra freezer storage. Perfect. We use the fridge freezer regularly. And, this one we open maybe once a

Fisher & Paykel Integrated Insert Series 7
1.8 from 5 reviews

Latest review: Great looking powerpack. However seems very inefficient in terms of removing smoke and smell. Noisy. Really disappointing. Last one I had was an old cheap Smeg and in retrospect it was way

Fisher & Paykel 60cm Double 7 Function Built-In
1.5 from 11 reviews

Latest review: Both ovens cook very aggressively at the back left hand corner. This is ok as long as the door can be opened and the item you are cooking can be turned around. In the case of certain items, some

Fisher & Paykel 90cm Dual Fuel Cooker OR90SCG1X1

Latest review: The oven vents hot air at high speed into your kitchen, I have created a video to demonstrate that. Basically, after approx ten minutes the fan starts venting hot air temperature from 35-45 deg C

Fisher & Paykel 90cm Induction CI904CTB1

Latest review: If you ever value cooking food properly stay away from any Fisher & Paykel Product. This Induction cooktop does not work properly with induction cookware. They are even aware of this saying 'not all

Fisher & Paykel 60cm Gas CG604CNGX2

Latest review: I bought this new and have been using it once a day since February 2019. It has had two service calls because the gas would not light on two gas rings. Now it’s a third time. Don’t waste your money

Fisher & Paykel 60cm Single 5 Function Built-in - 85L
4.2 from 6 reviews

Latest review: Only used for 6 months and the oven enamel is cracking! Was told it was my fault, and I put a try on the base which I did not. Been fobbed by customer service and will not buy another thing with

Fisher & Paykel Wine Cabinet 144 Bottle RF356RDWX1

Latest review: Bought this to replace a 32 bottle vintec cabinet that failed twice. It’s aesthetically pleasing and has worked without fail to date. One of the best things is it’s a sealed unit so quiet I can not he

Fisher & Paykel 90cm Freestanding Dual Fuel Cooker OR90SCG2X1

Latest review: First oven the interior started to flake off, new oven under warranty, now my second oven the front is rusting. Trying to communicate with Service Centre is terrible. Still no technician has come to

Fisher & Paykel 90cm Gas on Steel Cooktop CG905DX1

Latest review: Nice looking product and easy to clean once hobbs are lifted off, but burns so hot that any cooking is a trial to avoid burning - can't even simmer potatoes - they boil over even when on lowest

Fisher & Paykel 60cm Electric CE604CBX1 / CE604CBX2
3.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: I've had this cooktop for nearly 5 years and it has given me no problems at all, it cooks evenly, quickly and is easy to clean. It just does what it's supposed to do with ease. I would highly

Fisher & Paykel Fridge Freezer RF402BRPX6

Latest review: I have compared with other brands such as Samsung Lg and westinghouse at the same time. The reason I chose them was the actual material they used inside compartment are way better than others more

Fisher & Paykel ActiveIntelligence Front Loader

Latest review: I'm one of those people. Research, research research. I won't talk about the other brands in the short-list but the best brands were only offering 4 and 5 yr warranty and the sales guy were using

Fisher & Paykel RF388FLDW1

Latest review: When we built our house back in the 80's we had a space for the fridge and freezer, but when the freezer died we had problems finding one that would fit into the space. There was only one, the

Fisher & Paykel CI604CTB1
3.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: Installed for over a week. Impressed how quickly my stovetop coffee pot boils. I’m loving using my new appliance. Would have loved the option of joining two sections together for larger p

Fisher & Paykel 60cm Gas on Glass Cooktop
2.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: The product looks good, but beware the glass is not particularly hardy. I dropped a small pot on the edge and it shattered all across the entire cooktop. Cooking involves pots and other hard bits of

Fisher & Paykel OB60SD10PX1

Latest review: It is quite a nice looking wall oven. The oven cooks evenly. It is slow to heat up to desired temperature. The only real thing I have against it is the sound of the timer. It is so quiet that you can

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