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Hisense HR6BMFF435 / HR6BMFF520

Latest review: I loved the design and functions of the fridge freezer until the fridge section suddenly stoped working at only 3.5 years since purchased and used in clean stable environment. Hisense original

Hisense HR6FDFF701SW

Latest review: If my LED lights and LCD screen weren't an issue I would rate this fridge really high. The capacity of this fridge and freezer is excellent (great for a family of 5), the light inside is awesome and

Hisense HR6TFF Series

Latest review: Absolute crap caused by poor drainage design, twice leaving the bottom refrigerated section malfunctioning. Hisense and Harvey Norman, Cannington WA most reluctantly fixed it on the warranty expiry

Hisense Series 4 P4

Latest review: Not a bad TV. I bought this TV 3 months ago. The issues I found were 1. It doesn't connect to internet sometimes. Have to turn the power off and then turn on the TV again which then clears the cache.

Hisense HR6AFF355D

Latest review: The warranty people are difficult to deal with. Screen died therefor fridge not working. Two weeks on and no one has come to repair the fridge after several phone calls and facebook messaging them.

Hisense Series 9 P9

Latest review: I bought this recenetly and the TV suffers from severe motion blur and ghosting on almost all settings. True motion is a joke and noise reduction does no work at all. the picture quality would be

Hisense 55H6B

Latest review: I will start my review by saying the picture quality is fantastic and the setup was simple. I am using it on a SD cable line and despite that fact I am very happy with the picture quality. I

Hisense HR6BMFF514SW

Latest review: Easy to keep clean and easy to store food and products in freezer and fridge part. Does not freeze over the water part is easy to fill and it's sturdy and easy to

Hisense HR6AF243

Latest review: We purchased this fridge as a second fridge for the odd bits and pieces, and drinks fridge. Good price and size - quiet too!. So far so good. You just need to watch the temp settings, keep it 4 or

Hisense HR6VFF177A

Latest review: Never again, failed within a month,lost all our food, tried to contact hisense, surprise they are on a public holiday 28/09/18, checked online with other owners, and reset the defrost timer, hope it

Hisense HR6WC29

Latest review: Beware when attaching the handle onto the fridge door. Best to be installed on its side otherwise the nut assembly which is encased within the door will drop to the bottom and then it is a major


Latest review: I have to agree with some of these reviews. My first contact was with someone from the overseas call centre which was not a pleasant experience at all. I was spoken to quite rudely and had to deal

Hisense HR6WC36D

Latest review: I bought this fridge 2nd hand being only 18 months old and apparently under warranty. Three months later it is being recycled metal. Admittedly buying 2nd hand items is a risk, however the fridge

Hisense HWFM8012

Latest review: Easily one of the worst machines I've ever used as it simply doesnt clean clothes and is extremely noisy. I had to exchange it after 5 days of trying every which way to get clean clothes. But

Hisense Series 8 P8

Hisense HR6WC58D

Hisense Series 9 75N9 (75")

P1 Series

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