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Homemaker Steam Mop STM-501

Latest review: I purchased this after buying and returning two shark mops. Hands down the best and it's a quarter of the price. I've had mine for around 2 years. Never had a problem I have large white tiled floors

Homemaker Pie Maker

Latest review: Seriously makes life so much easier, I put the fillings I want in a slow cooker while I do other things and then fill in the pie maker with Pampas puff pastry and the filling and is done in 10

Homemaker Pressure Cooker

Latest review: Love this kitchen appliance & use it several times a week. So versatile! I have given away a few other appliances now I have this, so it’s also saving kitchen space. Cooking is much less a chore now a

Homemaker Bench Mixer

Latest review: Not a bad mixer and it's done the I needed it to do so far. Mine came with a broken paddle and I was able to get in touch with kmart for a new one with no problems. Pretty happy so

Homemaker Vacuum Sealer

Latest review: Have had this 2 years and been quite happy with it. Works reasonably well (ok; doesn’t suck out all the air but good enough, sealed well) so for the money has been good value. But....after approx 5

Homemaker Drink Bottle Blender

Latest review: The blending machine is small, but it can blend mangoes, berries and strawberries, banana and lemon with chopped kales etc well. And it’s a handy product, I can just blend the smoothies for one min t

Homemaker Mini Blender

Latest review: It is quite cheap to purchase this small blender for myself. I have been using it mostly every day. Just one thing that it is quite small so you have to limit the amount you put in, but other than

Homemaker Benchtop Convection Oven

Latest review: Not something I'd buy again. Okay in a pinch (broken built in oven) bit it's basically just a toaster/grilled cheese maker. We did make a couple of pizzas that turned out okay, as king as the topping

Kmart 3 Tier Food Steamer

Latest review: This steamer is very easy to use. The quality is average for the price I paid for. The reservoir is not removable, so it is not very easy to wash it. After 1 year of use, it is working fine, but the

Homemaker Stoneware Frying Pan

Latest review: Was initially good, but within the first few uses the foods began to stick. We have persevered, without using it very often (once a month, at most), and it is now worse than our stainless steel

Homemaker Cast Iron

Latest review: I use the Homemaker brand of cast iron pot to bake bread with excellent results. For this purpose only, I remove the bakelite knob handle and plug the hole before placing the pot in the oven. Very

Homemaker Body Fat / Hydration Monitor

Latest review: Stupid scale ever. The result change every times i move the place of scale. It will be a trash in your home. Dont waste your money and time on

Homemaker Chrome Plated Dish Rack

Latest review: Instructions don't make sense and putting the parts together is impossible. A dish rack should not be difficult. I will be taking back...seriously Kmart you can do better than

Homemaker Steam Iron KB-166A2

Latest review: Always used with demineralised water, only use for 2-3 shirts a week. After 8 months use (August 2018 to now) it started to put a red stain on my shirt. Next week leaked all over the shirt and might

Homemaker Bathroom Scale

Latest review: I bought these scales thinking it was a good buy, but they stopped working in less than 3 months. I still wonder if they got wet inside somehow. Use in a dry area on a hard level

Homemaker Kitchen Starter Set

Latest review: I recently bought this instead of buying all the items individually. It's good value for money although some items could be better quality. I would still recommend for someone starting out in their

Homemaker Stoneware Dutch Oven

Latest review: I purchased the small saucepan in this range and was impressed that it was actually non-stick! I needed a good pot to boil my pasta in. I originally purchased a stock pot from Kmart's Homemaker brand

Homemaker Battery Operated Mills

Latest review: I have arthritis and appreciate the Kmart battery power grinder. It is so easy to press the button and add peppercorn grind. The grind is uneven though, and it is a muscle job to turn the arrows on

Homemaker 2 Slice Stainless Steel - Red

Latest review: I have had another toaster that I didn’t like. Over the years of have bought many Sunbeam appliances as a respectable brand therefore I thought I would buy a sunbeam toaster. When I toast one of s

Homemaker 2-in-1 NK-165

Latest review: I live in a very small unit and this is the perfect size for my needs, it has a easy pop open top so I can get rid of the dust with no mess, is very quiet and have good suction.. and great value for

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