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Hyundai Kona
Latest review: Well i have to say i am very disapointed with Hyundai not only did i have to wait 72 days for delivery but i feel ripped off i paid 32,500 for my new car now they are 28,990 didnt get what i asked

Hyundai Accent
Latest review: My 2018 Hyundai Accent is very heavy to drive up hills if the air-con is working. I am unsure about taking it for a drive up a mountain in summer. I have asked for info from the service centre but

Hyundai i30
Latest review: no major issues, daily transport, cheap services haven't had to replace brakes yet. it has 180000kms on the clock. Fuel economy is 7.3l per 100kms. 5 speed is under geared a 6th gear would be great

Hyundai Tucson
Latest review: My mechanic was the one that recommended a Hyundai Tucson. I did the research and looked at independent reviews. I went and test drove one and fell in love! The value for money is fantastic and I

Hyundai Elantra
Latest review: I love my Hyundai. I dive it every day. Only thing I’d say it it’s not what I’d call a family car. I have a baby seat in the middle and it’s impossible to get the other two rear seatbelts done up. Had

Hyundai i40 VF (2012-Present)
Latest review: The Hyundai i40 wagon. The good, looks stylish inside and out,fuel economy good,performance good. The bad, rear seat is very difficult to use,awkward to get out,lady's with a skirt will find it

Hyundai Santa Fe
Latest review: Bought a faulty elite, turbo hoses blowing off multiple times having to be towed each time, confused gear automatic gear changes, paint defects, losing power or no response from acceleration, no joy

Hyundai Sonata
Latest review: Best car I have ever owned and I have had a Honda Accord and a Toyota Corolla This car is problem free. It has good pick up as a manumatic. It is a reliable car that has not let me down. I

Hyundai iMax TQ-W (2008-Present)
Latest review: I own a 2014 petrol automatic. I've just returned from a trip with four blokes in it, luggage and heaps of gear, vehicle was probably pushing three tonnes, the car was faultless. People go on about

Hyundai Veloster FS (2012-Present)
Latest review: I use my 2015 Hyundai Veloster every day to do many kms due to my work. The car unfortunately has a lot of manufacturing issues. I have had just about everything replaced / repaired on the car under

Hyundai iLoad TQ-V (2008-Present)
Latest review: the van has been fantastic , serviced with synthetic oil every 15000kms for the last 3 months slight whistling from turbo and then it failed . ii have done about 170000kms with no problems i managed

Hyundai HY2000Si
Latest review: Unit out of warranty but has not done many hours running. Requires a new inlet valve for engine. Hyundai cannot supply, you have to buy a complete engine - spend $550 plus for the sake of a $20 part.

Hyundai IONIQ