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LG NeoChef MS4296
  • Award Winner 2019
  • 2018

LG NeoChef MS4296 · includes 6 listings

4.1 from 288 reviews

Latest review: Does everything well and quickly eg. both heating , defrosting and the preset programmes. High level of functionality. The only minor criticism is that it does not have a stand-alone timer that you

LG CordZero A9

LG CordZero A9 · includes 12 listings

3.8 from 123 reviews

Latest review: I bought this vacuum because it has 2 batteries, so longer life while vacuuming. Although it sucks good, but if the canister that holds the dust full or even half full, the suction becomes

LG QuadWash

LG QuadWash · includes 10 listings

3.6 from 38 reviews

Latest review: Product was good until it was broken.Performance and quietness was so good but did not last.We are family of 4 so not much use.Once ever day or second day.After paying 700 Cad. You expect to last at

LG UN7300PTC Series

LG UN7300PTC Series · includes 4 listings

4.0 from 6 reviews

Latest review: I bought this LG TV a few months ago and have just been watching the free to air TV. A friend came to visit. She has one the same and introduced me to the wonders of the LG that I knew nothing about.

LG UM76 Series

LG UM76 Series · includes 7 listings

4.1 from 28 reviews

Latest review: AI ThinQ provides simple, voice-activated controls via Google Assistant using your compatible device and the webOS lets you access various online streaming services, including Netflix and Stan. We

LG 668L Side by Side
  • Award Winner 2018

LG 668L Side by Side · includes 3 listings

4.3 from 118 reviews

Latest review: Great size for our family of 5. Easy to use. Little messy if u don’t get the cup in the right spot for the ice aside from that so far so g

LG Nano 9 Series 4K NANO91 Range

LG Nano 9 Series 4K NANO91 Range · includes 3 listings

5.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: was initially apprhensive being an ips panel..but picture is beautiful in a room with no lights on at night..no blooming..minimal black crush as well it just has beautiful picture.. sound is superb

LG UN8100PTB Series

LG UN8100PTB Series · includes 2 listings

4.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Everything is pretty dam good considering it's an entry level big behemoth tv. Picture is great with a few adjustments to the settings. Playing true 4k movies is really good . And gaming is

LG NeoChef MS2596

LG NeoChef MS2596 · includes 3 listings

4.1 from 94 reviews

Latest review: I purchased this oven on their advertised 2 year warranty and "antibacterial coating, even defrosting, stable turntable, and bright internal lighting." I only use it for reheating food and did not



3.8 from 30 reviews

Latest review: 7 months in, starting with a leak through the front door, we noticed a small tear in the front door seal. Called up LG service and were told the part isn't covered under warranty and would only be

LG Nano 8 Series NANO86 Range

LG Nano 8 Series NANO86 Range · includes 2 listings

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Amazing tv how ever it's not a full array LED tv, massive difference between the 91 Model and the 86 Models, just be very careful on buying which model got misleading info from the retailer the 86

LG 441L Top Mount
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2018

LG 441L Top Mount · includes 6 listings

4.2 from 89 reviews

Latest review: Purchased this fridge online after reading a lot of reviews. Great choice. Our No.1 priority was it had to be quiet as we have had to sleep with our bedroom door closed for over 15 years - it is



4.0 from 15 reviews

Latest review: I'm satisfied with this product, it washes the clothes very well, it is easy to clean, not loud either and spins extremly fast the clothes come out almost dry and I can even download the cycle I want

LG 8kg Heat Pump Dryer TD-H803CSW

LG 8kg Heat Pump Dryer TD-H803CSW

4.8 from 6 reviews

Latest review: This dryer is great, what you read about the specs and all the features are all factual but I wish I knew that you can not make your own drying feature as a favorite and can not adjust the heat

LG 594L French Door

LG 594L French Door · includes 2 listings

4.5 from 11 reviews

Latest review: We purchased this fridge due to the ease it provides whilst accessing. The four separate doors allows for individual compartments to be accessed without having the entire fridge being opened, It

LG 708L French Door

LG 708L French Door · includes 5 listings

3.5 from 33 reviews

Latest review: Water and Ice in front door were main reason for purchase. Freezer space is great too. Doors Are heavy and slam closed through despite fridge being level. Also dents very easy. Wouldn’t buy a

LG 687L Side by Side
  • Award Winner 2019

LG 687L Side by Side · includes 2 listings

4.4 from 71 reviews

Latest review: Works great. Keeps temperature perfect. Bought it in April 2019 and has started to make some funky sounds (not loud though). ONLY main gripe is design of the handles. Hard to open for someone with

LG OLED C7T Series
  • Award Winner 2019

LG OLED C7T Series · includes 2 listings

4.4 from 95 reviews

Latest review: Purchased only 2.5yrs ago and I first noticed a faint Netflix Logo on bottom right corner I thought was some Sponsored thing as wouldn’t show on some colour backgrounds but against orange red and p

LG WTG6520

LG WTG6520

4.2 from 22 reviews

Latest review: We use this washing machine to launder cafe aprons and tea towels , so not heavy items. It does this well as there’s no agitator to tangle aprons . But after 18 months level sensor failed. D



3.3 from 21 reviews

Latest review: Like other reviewers on here, I also feel this is a terrible dryer and not worth the money I spent on it. The fact it has no reverse tumble means it doesn't dry large sheets, doona covers, towels,

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