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Makita DGA505Z

Latest review: Had this tool for a while now and have been happy with its performance. As a 125mm grinder it uses all my standard grinder wheels without a problem. When it comes to real heavy grinding it still has

Makita 9207SPB

Latest review: I had a filing sander. These are the little belt sanders which use a very narrow belt: anyway, the one I had broke down and I though I'd replace it with a Makita, as I've used lots of Makita power

Makita BO4900V

Latest review: While this isn't the cheapest thing on the market, it's a solidly constructed half-sheet sander designed to get serious jobs done. On the plus side, it's nicely balanced to use, has great

Makita Jigsaw 4351FCT

Latest review: I bought this jigsaw 5 years ago, i use it everyday to cut in basins, sinks, fillers, kicks and everything.. It has never let me down, and never had any problems with it. The only thing i've had to

Makita DUB362Z

Latest review: I bought this after a tool shop car park demo by a Makita rep impressed me. I already had a brand name plug in blower at home but this seemed quieter and more powerful. It has completely changed the

Makita DCL180

Latest review: I must have bought 3 or 4 cordless vacuum cleaners before I found this. Most of them are like toys-quite useless after several use as they lose suction power or effectiveness. Although not cheap,

Makita DHP482SFE

Latest review: Since purchasing this product I have done so many jobs around the house. I have done my decking fixed doors and helped me with many of my diy... I never thought this drill was going to perform this

Makita N5900B

Latest review: These saws are big, heavy and powerful but thats why you buy one. Well not so much for the weight. These saws have remained a similar design for 30 years and its a well proven, simple and reliable

Makita DUR181Z

Latest review: Line needs to be heavier duty . I have the single string head but feel the twin head is better for a large block. l only use mine for lawn edging which it does very well. I thought Makita would

Makita EA3201S

Latest review: I have had this saw for about 18 months. It starts within two to three pulls and runs well. The only problem I have with it is that it breaks the e-clip that retains the chain drive sprocket and

Makita DMR108

Latest review: I bought this the other day thinking being the latest one out it would have DAB+ stations, since my older one of 2yrs did. I should of read the box before buying. Anyway it has bluetooth which is

Makita M9204G

Latest review: This sander is light & easy to use, gives a good finish and the dust collection works better expected. Haven't had any issues with pads coming off yet although still relatively new It isn't that

Makita BSS611Z

Latest review: Ive had one of these for years, they are powerful and useful. When i first got it i took a bit of a chance as they were fairly new on the market and only 3ah batteries were availble. Now there are

Makita GA5030KX

Latest review: This is an exceptional 125 mm grinder. Very robustly built and high performance. I have used it daily for both a trade and diy usage. It has a angled handle which makes it very easy to use. It was

Makita Jigsaw 4300BV

Latest review: Hard to believe but I purchased mine in 1982 and it's still as good as ever, 35 years later - the only problem is the rubber coating on the cord perished after all this time. Easy replacement and

Makita TD0101F

Latest review: I too have this impact driver for renovating. Yeah the cords a hassle. Yeah it overheats. But it gets the job done better than a cordless. It's nice and compact with a light weight for fatigue free

Makita DUB182Z/BUB142Z

Latest review: I did not have real high expectations & when I first turned it on it seemed quite weak. Then I discovered there is a speed dial which was set on the lowest setting! Turned it up and wow! A great

Makita LS1040

Latest review: Very easy to use even for someone with no real skills like me. Makes all my previous mitres & cuts (before buying this saw) look quite bad. No adjustment needed out of the box, plugged it in and

Makita M9400G

Latest review: I design and create pretty much anything I want - including specialist wood machining tools, and having designed and built die casting dies, built furnaces and run machine shops to produce finished

Makita DCS231T

Latest review: I have a shed full of Stihl and Shindaiwa gear. I needed a handy little saw for some little jobs one day and (with hesitation) checked out at bunnings with this little Makita.... ... 2 years later

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