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Mitsubishi MR-CX370

Latest review: I love this fridges because it has different compartments with regulated temperatures. I have my vegetables divided from the cheeses/salumi and when I buy fish there's a special compartment. Love

Mitsubishi Electric 650L L4 Glass Mini MR-L650EN

Latest review: Purchased this fridge and haven't been able to fault it. We particularly wanted a fridge without a cold water or ice dispenser. this is a new release from Mitsubishi in December 2018. it has a flat

Mitsubishi Ducted PEA-RP Series

Latest review: Had this aircon installed for a week now. 37° today and had temp set to 24° inside and the air coming out was very chilly. Outside unit very quiet, is right near one of our bedrooms and can only hear

Mitsubishi MFZ-KJ-VE

Latest review: had 2 of these installed , one in lounge room and one in kitchen area , went with the floor mounted as there was no where to mount a wall system, very happy with them , lots of programmable options

Mitsubishi PUHZ-RP.HA5

Latest review: First time owner of a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner I have to say it works too well. We have a three bedroom double brick insulated house and have the air-conditioner set at 20% in the living

Mitsubishi LV16S-RU-PCY-GY

Latest review: This fan is quite powerful yet not extremely loud. It was quite easy to assemble however it is quite heavy, particularly at the base so it might be a bit difficult for some to transport. Remote

Mitsubishi MR-EX574X

Latest review: I will write a further review after I've used the fridge for a while but so far its been wonderful - so many features and so quiet. However like a previous reviewer I would like to comment on the

Mitsubishi MR-WX500C

Latest review: Good size for apartment. Suitable for 2-3 people. Veggie and frozen drawers large and easy to use. Layout of refrigerator section good except can’t fit more than 2x2L milk in door and 3L bottles d

Mitsubishi MR-EX562 / MR-EX655

Latest review: 1st. I love ice – and the ice tray is fantastic – just twist it, and it falls out into a large ice container. there's 3 ice trays, so you can freeze 36 ice cubes at a time. 2. the shelving in the doo

Mitsubishi MSZ-GL Series

Latest review: We have it in our living room and is like a goat at cooling the entire house. Turn it on in summer and there is instant relief very powerful and great

Mitsubishi L4 Grande / Mini

Latest review: I did research and thought I bought a top fridge 2 years ago. However I now really regretted the decision. Reasons are 1. the material Mitsubishi is using for their fridge and freezer is really sub

Mitsubishi Electric MR-WX743C

Latest review: This fridge is the update to the Mitsubishi MR-WX743Y. It essentially has an extra half star energy rating, consuming 430 kWh per year. Now to the fridge itself. We wanted a large, quiet fridge, with

Mitsubishi MF-U160B / MF-U160CWA

Latest review: The Mitsubishi MFU-160CWA was purchased when we needed a upright freezer to fit into a 500mm space. The unit cooled very quickly and reached -10C within 1hour. The removable drawers are easy to

Mitsubishi MR-LX630EM

Latest review: Looks fantastic, easy to clean, huge veg drawer at the perfect height and freezer drawer on the bottom, veg lasts longer than any fridge I’ve ever had, perfect... Developed issue of flap (for sealing

Mitsubishi MSZ-GE Series

Latest review: i was happy at first now that it already goes for 3 months a can say that does not meet my expectations , but was cheap compared to other the same power cooling , i think all that advancements of

Mitsubishi MR-508E / MR-560E

Latest review: Bought this to replace our 15yo 420L Westinghouse, now keeping the Coopers Ale cold. What's to like: Great value for what we paid. The size in a squat compact configuration; meant we were able

Mitsubishi MR-420EK

Latest review: I bought the Mitsubishi fridge after the faulty Samsung one. My kids said its been downgraded, cause the interior and exterior look isn't as fasionable as the Samsung ones, but its all good, all

Mitsubishi MSZ-FH Series

Latest review: This review is not really intended for folk that reside in warmer climates. I live in New Zealand where it often drops to well below 0 c in winter. The experts tell us that Heat Pumps or reverse

Mitsubishi MR-385E / MR-420E / MR-455E

Latest review: I love the fridge as there is quite a lot of space for two people, the fridge temperature is so stable, Japanese brand are usually reliable as well. The fridge is easy to open and close, I also love

Mitsubishi MSZ-EF Signature Series

Latest review: The louvres on the signature series do not move from side to side when using the remote control, you have to stand on a ladder and manually move the louvres. We did not find this out until after the

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