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NAB Term Deposit

Latest review: It is very easy to get a treasury rate for larger term deposits, I just rang the NAB 131312 number, (apparently you have to ring after 11am for treasury rates) , the operator puts you on hold, they

NAB Smart Junior Saver

Latest review: I opened this account for my child when Money Magazine were offering a special $50 voucher for new accounts. While the interest is not huge, it is a good way to have an account for a child that is

NAB Travel Insurance

Latest review: I was unfortunate enough to have had to use the insurance claim once for an illness on holiday in Thailand. I called the toll free number, and they told me to charge everything to my card then submit

NAB Gold Banking

Latest review: Do not use your Nab gold visa debit card overseas the fees are ridiculous not only charged a conversion rate fee but also a massive other fee from the NAB All for the pleasure of using my own money a

NAB iSaver

Latest review: I have been banking with them since 2013 and they give the worst interest on this account so I would recommend opening an eSaver account with Westpac so you can save quicker and

NAB Classic Banking

Latest review: I have been banking with them since 2013 and they give the worst interest on this account so I would recommend opening a Choice account with Westpac for your spending but only with a handy card and

NAB Car Insurance

Latest review: I set up my car insurance with NAB in a main branch in the city. I have had nothing but issues. Turns out the direct debit is incorrect the payments are not coming out of my account (even though this

NAB Qantas Rewards

Latest review: The Qantas rewards system has enabled our family of 4 to have enjoyed many points-paid flights over the last 30 years: comprised domestic & multiple-stop overseas; in economy & premium economy

NAB Low Fee

Latest review: I was approved similar product last year with 6 months interest free on purchases , application process was really smooth and quick , interest free period really helped me improve my cash flow

NAB Visa

Latest review: In general, when all goes well, a credit card is a credit card. A bit more or less interest, a few or less days to pay it, but in general the difference between credit cards is quite insignificant

NAB Smart Reward Saver

Latest review: This is a reasonable offering from the NAB. However there are better savings accounts on the market for those who are willing forgo branch access. The NAB Isaver currently pays a higher interest rate

NAB Low Rate

Latest review: Signed up for the Nab premium online at one of those compare cards website for a BT as they were offering a 21mth no interest and no BT fee. But they put me down for the NAB low rate cc instead -

NAB Qantas Rewards Premium

Latest review: I never received my bonus points even after three months of waiting. Made numerous complaints and got told it would be sorted out, to your not entitled to someone would ring me in 5-7 days. I’d hate t

NAB (National Australia Bank)

Latest review: Very bad service , worse bank to deal with ,these customers service representative don’t have idea what is going on , if for internet banking service I have to visit a branch every time what is point

NAB Traveller Card

Latest review: I don’t see the point to this card as it doesn’t work anywhere. I have tried over a dozen ATM machines in Europe and yet to be able to withdraw money. I have 300€ sitting in my account that I can’t a


Latest review: I am a NAB customer, and for about a week now I have been *trying* to get an account set up to sell a small parcel of international shares I have. It's not gone well. After specifically selecting

NAB Home Loans

Latest review: We took home loan from nab through broker and afterward whenever we need any help bank refuse to help they always use to say that you took loan through broker you should go to them I don’t understand

NAB Home Insurance

Latest review: Avoid at at costs!!, the products sold by Nab, underwritten by Allianz does not provide peace of mind...after 4 years of being with Nab i had an incident at home where water from my fish tank damaged

NAB Personal Loans

Latest review: VERY POOR service. Banked with NAB for 8 years, both our salaries paid into the account all this time. Applied for a personal loan, conditionally accepted with 24 hours, sent to both mine and

NAB Rewards Platinum

Latest review: I am about to close this card and has 721 reward points left, cannot redeem anything online, even with points + pay option, as it tells me not enough points. Called the reward team, the girl said