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Oricom Secure850 Digital Video

Latest review: Super happy with this monitor after being recommended it by family and friends. I did have a problem with the battery in the first year but its exactly like your phone once charged take it off and

Oricom Secure 55

Latest review: I bought this baby monitor because I had accidentally broken our other one. I didn't want to spend much money because we don't use it a lot, so I bought this one. The sound quality is fine, but the

Oricom UHF180

Latest review: Have read the hand book back to front, and have reset this many times but the squelch ( CTSS) is on all channels . It just drives you mad................then when you turn it off, you cannot

Oricom UHF300

Latest review: I bought a oricom uhf 300 a couple of months ago an was working like a charm. I decided to install a new antenna on it to upgtafe the range I tried turning the unit back on an just didn't turn back

Oricom Secure520 DECT

Latest review: Got the unit home and noticed immediately that the LED torch on the parents monitor is always slightly energised, it takes a bit to see but i suspect this is why there are so many reports of battery

Oricom Digital Bath & Room Duck

Latest review: We love our thermometer. Everyone in my family uses it. Bubs also loves to use it as his bath toy. I get the perfect temperature all the time and it also comes in Celsius and Fahrenheit so it’s u

Oricom PMR755 / PMR780

Latest review: This is the worst example of a 2-way I have ever come across. You can't save the last used channel, meaning that every time you switch it off, you need to change your way through the channels,

Oricom Secure310 Premium Digital SC310

Latest review: Hi have used this oricom baby monitor for the last 5 years and have only needed to change battery pack once very clear and reliable also compact not bulky and easy to use. Have used it for my 3

Oricom Secure610 Premium Digital SC610

Latest review: I have no one idea who your reps are over the phone but they need to be retrained, i bought a 610 through a 3rd party and they exchanged it no worries they were greay sadly the replacement is still

Oricom UHF028

Latest review: I purchased the uhf after having one that i sold in another vehicle. the uhf was wired by a auto electrician and kept turning on amd off when i turned the unit on i figured it was a fault install do

Oricom NFS100 Infrared Forehead

Latest review: Our newborn son had his first fever at 3 weeks, or at least that is what this thermometer said. We took him to emergency and they could not find any trace of a fever. They said they call this

Oricom PRO910-1

Latest review: Back in May 2013 I was advised by Australian Hearing to purchased the Oricom Pro 910-1 phone package because I have a severe hearing problem and the phones would suite me, but I have had heaps of

Oricom UHF400

Latest review: The Oricom UHF 400 R at first glance looks to be a very good product, Australian company though not Australian made (sigh). The hardware supplied allows you mount it via a bracket or in a DIN slot in

Oricom FS300 Non-Contact Infrared

Latest review: The thermometer is not reading my baby ferver, I can feel she is with high ferver but the thermometer keep saying 36 C, after try more than 10 times the thermometer show 37.8 C, it kept on playing up

Oricom TV7100

Latest review: I bought one on the 10/7/15 now not working Rang for support Oricom they told me they don't stock the TV7100 any more yet they are still listed for

Oricom UHF058

Latest review: The radio died after 2 months, tried taking it back to the supplier but was told i had to deal with Oricom, what a nightmare, the warranty technician was very rude and unhelpful, the technician

Oricom PRO610-1

Latest review: I bought an this phone because I had a different Oricom model for a few years and it was good but although this one was more than twice the price it doesn't work anywhere near as well. The function

Oricom Secure 860

Oricom UHF2500

Oricom DTX4300

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