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Ozito PXBHK-120

Latest review: In 2017 I purchased this PXBHK-120 Brushless Hammer Drill kit which came with 2 batteries. It's been an excellent product. During charging recently, the charger indicated a defective battery. On

Ozito PXCHTK-218

Latest review: I have a small garden with a short hedge, a couple a bushes and 3 small trees, all of which need the occasional trim, nothing extreme or strenuous. This tool does that job perfectly. It's light, safe

Ozito PXHDK-350

Latest review: Got for $129 from bunnings 18 months back and still running fine. It comes with rechargeable battery and is powerful enough. Comes with a 3 year replacement warranty if used for domestic purposes. It

Ozito CSW-7000

Latest review: After years of having my old Ryobi power saw I have just purchased a new Ozito power saw and was amazed how well it performs, it has an excellent super fast motor and very quiet, I have already used

Ozito PXDDS-201

Latest review: If you are looking for a reliable inexpensive cordless drill for home use I have found the Ozito PXDDS-201 just right for those around the home DIY projects. The drill comes without the battery

Ozito AGS4050

Latest review: Great value for money. It works as good as my old name brand grinder. The instructions are easy to understand. Easy to assemble. The guard is movable for safety at different angles. There is a

Ozito PXRSS-400

Latest review: Ozito has done it again - this little saw does every thing it claims and is so easy to use and lightweight. I have used it for multiple jobs from cutting jarrah posts to pruning the blueberry tree.

Ozito PXBWS-340

Latest review: I've had a few hits and misses with Ozito stuff over the years...this one is definitely a hit. They have definitely lifted their game with this tool. It doesn't have the same cheap 'n nasty feel that

Ozito RTR-040

Latest review: So this is the same as CJAY bought, just has about 4 times the number of accessories. I am really impressed with this also, saw CJAY's review and purchased one. Very easy to use, heaps of power and

Ozito PXWBS-200

Latest review: I dont use this in the workshop but rather, inside my house as it has polished wood floors and we own 2 labradors who live inside the house. I use the blower every day to blow the dog hair out on to

Ozito PXRHK-200

Latest review: I have been acquiring a sizable x change collection for about 12 months now. It's has replaced my corded tools that are for occasional use. There are some occasions where we have to anchor items into

Ozito HDR-3000

Latest review: Can't be beat for the price and like the other guy said in the previous review. This tool has built a reputation as being one of the best tools for the price. It should outlive me and will do any

Ozito Demolition Breaker

Latest review: Bought demolition breaker 7 years ago for not much more than a few days hire cost. Initially used it to break up paving but have since used it to break up 600mm conc tank foundations and numerous

Ozito SDL-5000

Latest review: Small, convenient and easy to use. Less cumbersome than a full size cordless drill, and heaps less expensive too. Has an extension for bit holder for extra tight spaces. Handy light aimed at bit,

Ozito PCR-2100

Latest review: I've been using this now for 3 years. It has help lay laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, a small tiling job and lots of small jobs in between. The saw hasn't missed a beat, it's nice and safe, and

Ozito PXCLMK-1318

Latest review: Bought this product mainly because it is cordless and very affordable. It is a portable size and makes it relatively easy to maintain the small lawn area at the front of my house. Battery life would

Ozito 18v Drill & Impact Driver Kit PXDDK-301

Latest review: Have been using this little beauty for months now on very demanding jobs, including 4 large decks. It is light weight and just as capable as a Dewalt without the price tag. Gets a little hot under

Ozito BLW-1800

Latest review: Very strong and powerful blower at the cheap price of $59 at Bunnings. It has an air speed of 320kph. Amazing for the price and comes with a three year replacement warranty. What’s not to like ?

Ozito RHD-6100

Latest review: Bought intially for emergency blocked retaining wall to clear water channels. Since then it has broken 3 large concrete post hole holders and 4 days work removing a brick bbq including mortar and

Ozito PXBIS-320

Latest review: Bought this for some DIY at home , v impressed with the power and construction quality. There is a video on youtube where u can see the inside of this and it confirms that its high quality product

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