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Ozito PXCBLK-018

Latest review: Good light weight blower, handy size for small gardens or workshops. Plenty of power to match it's size with ample run time from the lithium battery. Another winner from the Ozito power tool

Ozito ASG-6000

Latest review: Have used this sprayer to paint fences, interior gyprock, tiles roofs, still going strong, have sprayed over 300 litres of paint thru it, still hasn’t dropped it’s lunch luckily Ozi ozi ozi !!

Ozito ECS-355

Latest review: I got this one to saw the fallen trees at the backyard. I love it because it is powerful enough and easy to use, but the chain easily falls from the bar. Tried to screw a few times during cutting the

Ozito LTR-630

Latest review: I have a small to medium yard and have converted to an electric mower and now a line trimmer too. Plenty of adjustment for head angle, 2nd handle, and a telescopic shaft. When you release the trigger

Ozito HTL-072

Latest review: Purchased this when I only had the use of one hand but has instantly become a favourite gardening tool. Perfect for shaping clumps of ornamental grasses, tidying up shrubs or topiary, dead-heading,

Ozito PXDDS-200

Latest review: Went to Bunnings to get myself a replacement drill after my old makita died on me. It has a solid feel to it and isn't overly heavy which is what I like about it. In terms of usage it does what I

Ozito DP-350

Latest review: Seemed a good idea at the time. BDP-500. Big 500W motor, 16mm chuck, solid feel, and this model offers 9 speeds. All for $99 at Bunnings. Didn't seem any different to numerous other similar

Ozito CMS-1621

Latest review: I bought this for just shy of $80 at Bunnings. The saw blade is fairly decent, cuts through pine like a hot knife through butter. Cuts fairly well through thick heavy redwood. The saw blade is not

Ozito ELM-1536

Latest review: This mower is a perfect replacement for a petrol mower when you become sick and tired of trying to start it. This one starts first go!! I watched a YouTube video on it by a guy in Qld, and he raved

Ozito PXIDS-300

Latest review: I bought a 3 piece set including this driver, plus the reciprocating saw. The saw is OK. The angle grinder the drill and the driver are a total disappointment. The grinder cuts out the minute it

Ozito PXCHTS-018

Latest review: Received for christmas as yet to use the hedger but have put the pole trimmer to good use. At first l found a little awkward to handle, but with a little getting use to. Was soon handling it like a

Ozito AWG-964

Latest review: Works ok and good value if you’re only wanting to do occasional simple welding jobs. (Use the money saved on the price to buy a decent helmet as the supplied face shield is a dangerous beast.) Never

Ozito ELM-1030

Latest review: I read varying reviews on the Ozito mower range so was wary but for my small lawn (40sqm) it did a surprisingly good job...and it’s my first time using a lawn mower!!! The catcher was almost full a

Ozito 18V Cordless Pole Pruner PXCPPS-018

Latest review: Purchased this 18 volt pole pruner for a few big jobs i had around the place and was very impressed with just how powerful it is and how well it does the job i want. Although a bit top heavy it does

Ozito PXCLMK-218

Latest review: Batteries only last 15-20 minutes max, but did a reasonably good cut on it highest setting in winter and collected clippings well enough while covering me in dust. Being so light it was easy to

Ozito HTER-600

Latest review: It's taken me awhile to get around to this review but here it is. I have three hedges on a high maintenance section and I wanted to share my experience with the Ozito 600W hedge trimmer. First up,

Ozito Mitre Saw Stand MSS-003

Latest review: Bang for buck, you won't get any better. I had to take the first one I bought back to Bunnings for an exchange, as the metal sleeve to house the timber support on one end had a big dent in it and

Ozito PXBHS-100

Latest review: Had mine for about 8 months with regular use, has performed great with no bits falling off. It does get used fairly hard at times and is still going strong Being brushless it has plenty of

Ozito AMC-3000

Latest review: This is a cheap inflator which adequately inflates car tyres, balls, tubes etc. It is 12 volt and plugs directly into the cigarette lighter of your car. This is the only power source, it will not

Ozito BSR-7000

Latest review: Ozito BSR-7000 belt sander is acceptable for moderate sanding job of my wooden deck. This is the only reason I bought a belt sander. I initially bought a cheap XU1 belt sander. It failed miserably.

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