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Safety 1st Prime AP

Latest review: It's very good, kids like it with two water stands, easy to install and clean, seems well propect the kid. But my kid was not comfortable sleeping, because there is

Safety 1st Summit ISO AP

Latest review: I have found it to be a great car seat for my new born. He loves to sleep in it for long trips and is very warm and comfortable. It is easy to do up once you get the hang of it.

Safety 1st Electronic Nasal Aspirator

Latest review: Perfect machine! Does the job, strong suction when all parts are put together correctly ( I learnt this after the first clean). It has been a godsend to us. Our 11 month old has his first prope cold

Safety 1st Wanderer X

Latest review: This is a great pram if you’re not wanting to spend big bucks but still wanting a good quality, durable pram. It is extremely heavy and wide, the canopy does not extend far and the basket is near i

Safety 1st One Safe Infant Carrier

Latest review: when requesting a refund due to misleading advertising regarding the newer 1 star model the company said its the same car seat - however as someone pointed out they are not the same model yet the 1

Safety 1st Envy

Latest review: The pram runs well on different surfaces and its exterior look is beautiful but terribly uncomfortable to attach and detach the seats not to mention reclining the seats. Just to set it up and repack

Safety 1st Melody Garden Activity Centre

Latest review: The reason I'm giving it a one star is because my son can't use it as a walker at all. The wheels are impossible to move as the back ones don't swivel. So now i have to go out and get another walker

Safety 1st Nook

Latest review: Had this since day 1. Wanted a smallish pram that didn't take up too much space in a hatchback (toyota corolla) -it takes up only half the bootspace, leaving space for shopping. I've even had it in

Safety 1st Visto

Latest review: We have taken our poor pram ( and baby ) on every surface and terrain, tar, gravel, grass,sand, dirt, rocky terrain, terrain where the roots from huge trees stick out of the ground we literally took

Safety 1st Perfect Fit

Latest review: Bought safety from aldi this year for occasional use in the garden like mowing or digging.. After about 2 uses the sole started to fall apart. 2 months later the sole is completely cracked. I would

Safety 1st Apex

Latest review: Daughter was up to "booser seat" age and size but we still wanted to give decent protection. Everything from first researching this model to seeing it then in person with her in it makes appear will

Safety 1st Tote Compact Stroller

Safety 1st Pop up Infant Bath Tub

Latest review: I found this bath tub on ebay and got it for $10. It was for my second baby, as the bath tub we used for our first we have already given it away. I have actually used all sorts of bath tub, 2 in 1

Safety 1st Comfy Cushy

Latest review: By the time I ummed and arrred about the 'Bumbo', I saw this chair, it is very similar to the Bumbo where it is made out of soft firm foam, only difference from the Bumbo is that the Bumbo is moulded

Safety 1st Willow Compact Stroller

Safety 1st Swivel

Latest review: My six month old was not happy with her bath sling anymore, and was trying to sit up, even though she's not sitting independently yet. I've found the swivel to be fantastic. My bub doesn't slip, and

Safety 1st Verso Nest

Latest review: We purchased this for $149 from Kmart as a second quick option if needing to run to the shops, relatives etc or to give to someone whom is babysitting for more then a few hours. It folds quite easily

Safety 1st Recline & Grow 5-Stage

Latest review: very happy with the chair. it does what its supposed to do and its cheaper than other models out there but doesnt look as crappy as some of the other bright plastic models out there adjustable height

Safety First Deluxe Care Fold Up

Latest review: general good product, save a lot of spaces for travelling. But have to think how to extend the harness a bit more. Good portable stuff. the top try is a bit loose, so easy to be removed by kid. The

Safety 1st Comfy Cushy 3 in 1

Latest review: I really hate this potty. The cushy seat is just a giant pee and water sponge. With a girl I'm sure it wouldn't be so bad, but with a boy that sprays forwards when they pee it saturates the bottom of

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