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Smeg SRA964

Latest review: I have used more than 7 different white gas cooktops during the last 30 years and never had so much trouble to keep my cooktops clean. This cooktop becomes very dirty with the slightest use and takes

Smeg SIHP264S

Latest review: Just moved into our new home and one of the clinchers for my wife was Smeg appliances from a renovation that we were advised only happened two years ago. We’ve been in the house for just over two m

Smeg CIR597X / CIR597XS

Latest review: I have had this cooktop for a little over 12 months. The spark needs to be held in for multiple shocks before gas ignites - annoying. The ignition spark post for the wok burner has been replaced once

Smeg SHU670X / SHU970X


Smeg SAWS8160 / SAWS1014

Smeg PX140A

Latest review: We have had this stove top for about a year and have nothing but trouble, it is difficult to light and often goes out during cooking times. Smeg have been back and have replaced it twice but the

Smeg SI5633B

Latest review: Don't buy any cooktop with glass. You will be regretted. I was surprised there are so many problem with the top. Mine cracked after purchased for 6 months but only installed for 2 months. The

Smeg SR611

Smeg A11X-7

Latest review: It’s a fabulous oven, lovely flat hot plates. The oven is easy to clean, as are the gas burners. We have bottled gas burners and electric oven. My only problem is the amount of time the cooling down o

Smeg CIR60X

Latest review: Great looking gas top. Working exceptionally well. Love the fact that you can turn down the gas all the way and it keeps it on low. You do have to be a bit careful of not wiping it with anything

Smeg TR90I Series

Smeg PGA32G

Latest review: We had a few things from the builder - Smeg were the standard inclusions. This is pretty good, not much can go wrong with gas cooktops. So far we've had no pots falling into the middle because

Smeg SHI410X

Latest review: I have a Smeg Classic Aesthetic Island Rangehood that has been servicing me well over the years till last week when it suddenly made a pop sound and flipped a switch in my electrical circuit board.

Smeg Retro Style FAB10

Smeg SHW181X90

Smeg SJF01


Smeg DWAI6315XT

Smeg SFA125 / SFPA125

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