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Sunbeam Gallerie Collection TA2640

Latest review: Easy to use toaster four slice toaster. Simple to use, a variety of functions. Toasts to everyone's liking. Very happy with this toaster. Cooks evenly and fast. Looks great on the kitchen bench. So

Sunbeam FoodSaver VS7800

Latest review: I bought a Sunbeam Foodsaver Vac780 and now it won't seal all the way across; it leaves 1cm unsealed. I thought I could purchase a new part or take it to a repairer but Sunbeam say there's nothing I

Sunbeam StickMaster Plus

Latest review: Love the versatility and ease of this machine. Mixes soups with ease and also fantastic for chopping vegetables, nuts, biscuits for slices etc. Still going strong after 3 years of heavy use.

Sunbeam Stainless Drip Filter PC7900

Latest review: Received this as a xmas present from my wife. While she was washing the filter basket holder, the rubber seal holding the spring and dispenser in place has come away rendering the machine redundant.

Sunbeam MultiGrinder II EM0405

Latest review: I bought this a couple of weeks ago. I use it for grinding spices and it does a great job. The lid is a bit finicky and can be difficult to get on and

Sunbeam DT5600

Latest review: My dehydrator lasted less than 4 years and used less than 5 times, it just cut out and won’t turn on. When it worked it did its job well enough however it no longer w

Sunbeam GrindFresh EM0440

Latest review: Great grinder, makes it easy and fresh! Easy to setup, nice adjustment for grind consistency and work well. However can be messy at times, comes with a nozzle to aim and improve lost coffee/spread

Sunbeam Mixmaster Classic

Latest review: I purchased this mixer based on previous great service from a Sunbeam Mixmaster I had many years ago. I have used it, very successfully about 4 times. Today I was making a cake and stopped it to

Sunbeam Piccolo Espresso EM2800

Latest review: I've never had a machine before so perhaps I'm expecting to much. The machine is very easy to use. I don't use the frother. It makes a good cup of coffee and gives an excellent crema. However it

Sunbeam Feel Perfect Faux Fur Heated Throw TR6100

Latest review: Very therapeutic, comforting and safe. Kids love it too! Great for relaxing at home with and no need to turn the heating on when I am using it. Thankful for a great product. Expecially in the

Sunbeam Poach & Boil EC1300

Latest review: I’ve had my eyes on buying one of these automatic egg cookers for a while now & finally decided to buy the Sunbeam brand because I have had many kitchen appliances from Sunbeam over the years. This w

Sunbeam Ellise Stainless Steel Banquet FP8950

Latest review: I replaced my 20 year Sunbeam Stainless Steel fry pan with this one but cannot control the heat at all. You need the thermostat in the off position most of the time. It is still under warranty so

Sunbeam Rice Perfect Deluxe 7 RC5600

Latest review: I went through numerous cheap rice cookers (a few of them blowing up) and finally decided to spend just that little more and I'm glad I did. I found the Sunbeam Rice Cooker RC5600 at Target and can

Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Quilted

Latest review: I really loved it while it worked ..thought it was best I've ever come across. Well fitted and more comfortable with good features.. except didnt last more than a few of years.. For the high

Sunbeam Foodsaver VS6100

Latest review: Purchased the product from Goodguys when it was on sale on June 2019. I was hoping to utilize sous vide cooking method to try things like Chicken breast, and Thick cut pork chop, ingredients usually

Sunbeam Cafe Series Kettle

Latest review: I had two of these kettles replaced under warranty but was told the warranty doesn't restart when you receive the replacement. The third one has now failed. All had the same problem. The plastic

Sunbeam Duraceramic FP6000

Latest review: We needed to purchase a new frypan as the teflon was beginning to break down on our older frypan. We use our frypan at least 4-5 nights a week. When we went to replace it, we were given the sales

Sunbeam Digital Pizza Bake & Grill BT7100

Latest review: Bought the Sunbeam BT 7100 to replace the well used Breville oven (20 mins a day for 5 years). A few things I did noticed with the BT7100; the door is better constructed then that of our previous

Sunbeam Sleep Perfect

Latest review: After buying 4 of these Sleep Perfect blankets over the years and having every single one of them develop the same fault - one controller flashed and would not be set, so useless - I relented and

Sunbeam Cafe Creamy Automatic EM0180

Latest review: I purchased this frother 2 years ago. The frother mechanism still works great but the jug has paint chipping off it rendering it a risk to the exposed aluminium underneath. I contacted Sunbeam

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