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Victa VBP1226

Latest review: Bought around $23X because this model will be discontinued soon, only designed to pick up leaves which is smaller than a $20 dollar note. Best to be used on hard surfaces only. This can be quite

Victa Rapid Mulcher 881873

Latest review: Bought 18 months ago and only does 300m2 of manicured lawns weekly, so very little work and both back wheels are shot. One has sheered off (metal spindle comes away from plastic wheel) and the other

Victa 16" Razor Cut 881878

Latest review: Bought this mower 6 months ago and never had a problem with it. I have about 50sqm couch out the front and 20 buffalo out the back and it works well on both. Takes a bit of work but can't complain

Victa VLB0226

Latest review: My review relates to the orange "Victa Pro" model, but I'm sure they're the same. Mine lasted about two years and wouldn't have done 10 hours running. I went to start it this week but there was no

Victa VRX

Latest review: Mower arrived and I had it mowing my acreage within the hour. After 30 minutes it began vibrating uncontrollably. I felt ill after getting off. Called Bunnings who took the monster away. A least

Victa VBE1500

Latest review: I’ve just recently bought this from upgrading from a different brand. It has great suction. I use it on my artificial turf. The bag is a better quality that I’ve seen. The only downside is tha

Victa MV1200 Mini Vac

Latest review: This my 2nd Mini Vac, the first being the Victa Vac 500 which was of superior quality. The current model has a number of issues and not worth purchasing. 1. After using a new bag for a few times the

Victa VTB2225

Latest review: Got it home and had a broken spark plug when first bought. Mitre 10 replaced. After probably using it 5 times in a year, the pull start literally lost the screws holding it together. Best guess is

Victa ZTX23/42

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