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Latest review: I bought this in December 2018 and within 3 weeks i was getting a constant "FL" error, regardless of the fact EVERYTIME i went to empty the unit, there has either been NO water or at best a few ml.


Latest review: During summer, its pretty much ON all the time. So it copes well with high demand and extended usage. I am decently satisfied with the performance. I keeps my room relatively good during extreme


Latest review: I didnt expect this air con to be as good as it is but it is amazing! It doesn’t take long to cool down our whole loungeroom and once everything is closed up the room gets quite cool and it’s just bli


Latest review: Positive: Heating and cooling-OK. Installation Ok. Noise - Low for both units, indoor and outdoor. Perfect modern shape of indoor unit. Attractive price, purchased for $ 600, post Christmas

Kogan Extreme Evaporative Cooler KAEXTEVACLA

Latest review: Even with the ice bricks cold water and ice cubes it still makes hardly any difference to the room temperature would have been better off with a pedestal fan!! And believe I have tried everything to

Kogan 9,000/18,000 BTU Split System

Latest review: Bought this reverse cycle unit. took 3 weeks to arrive. organised processional installation straight after its arrival and product is faulty. (Faulty Compressor). Obviously unit has not been tested

Kogan Cyclonic Evaporative Cooler