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Breville Rice Box BRC460
3.9 from 69 reviews

You can cook all kinds of rice with this Breville rice cooker and steamer. Its 10-cup capacity lets you cook a week's worth of rice at a time. It comes with a removable bowl so cleaning is easier. The keep warm and auto shut-off functions prevent your rice from burning.

  • Auto shut-off protection

  • 5 settings and 3 functions

  • Easy-to-clean design

Breville the Fast Slow Cooker BPR650
Slow Cookers and Pressure Cookers

Breville the Fast Slow Cooker BPR650

4.1 from 53 reviews

Functioning as a 2-in-1 pressure and slow cooker with other handy functions, the $219 Breville the Fast Slow Cooker automatically adjusts the time, temperature and pressure of your dishes.

  • 6 versatile cooking functions

  • Simple to operate and clean

Breville Smart Waffle BWM620 / BWM640
Novelty / Snack Makers

Breville Smart Waffle BWM620 / BWM640

 · includes 2 listings
4.4 from 31 reviews

With reviewers dropping lines like ‘fluffy inside and beautiful, crunchy and golden outside’ and ‘I have turned into a waffle monster,’ the Breville Smart Waffle is a prime kitchen contender if you’re a fan of waffles done wonderfully.

Breville CitiZ&milk
Capsule / Coffee Pod Machines

Breville CitiZ&milk

 · includes 6 listings
4.4 from 27 reviews

Latest review: Upgraded from a Nespresso machine from Woolies (approx $100) to this Breville Citiz machine (approx $300) and definitely not worth it. It is extremely noisy and the coffee is not hot. Very

Breville Kitchen Wizz 15 Pro BFP800
Food Processors

Breville Kitchen Wizz 15 Pro BFP800

 · includes 3 listings
3.4 from 257 reviews

The $649 Breville The Kitchen Wizz 15 Pro chops nuts, slices vegetables, dices, shreds and kneads, while a large 3.6-litre bowl allows you to prepare large quantities of ingredients.

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Breville Quick Touch

Breville Quick Touch

 · includes 3 listings
3.4 from 224 reviews

Latest review: The microwave worked well, I really liked the dial controls - quick and easy to use. However after 1 year and 10 months of really moderate use (maybe 1 min per day), the microwave has stopped

Breville Smart Temp BSC420
4.1 from 36 reviews

Latest review: Great slow cooker, I’ve had mine 12+ years, I’ve just upgraded to a multicooker but I’ll still keep this one for long dishes! I love the keep warm feature, there’s a bit of condensation build up under

Breville Smart Toast

Breville Smart Toast

 · includes 5 listings
3.3 from 257 reviews

The toasters in the Breville Smart Toast range have features that let you get a perfect level of browning for regular loaves, artisanal bread, bagels, and pastries. They also have a stylish die-cast metal body to up your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Breville Bambino Plus BES500
Semi-Automatic and Manual Coffee Machines

Breville Bambino Plus BES500

 · includes 3 listings
4.1 from 29 reviews

Latest review: A colleague who knows just about everything there is to know about coffee and how to make a good brew, recently bought this for our office. It gets a hammering every day. It works so well and the

Breville the Kinetix Twist BBL405
4.1 from 27 reviews

Latest review: Bought it for blending green smoothies. I add banana, carrot, celery, spinach and pear and a few cups of water. I was blending for quite some time and pulsating as well and used various settings of

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine BNV420
  • Award Winner 2021
Capsule / Coffee Pod Machines

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine BNV420

 · includes 2 listings
3.8 from 36 reviews

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine turns coffee-making from a nightmare into a breeze with a simple capsule pod system.

Breville The Baker's Oven BBM100
3.3 from 98 reviews

It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of its higher-end counterparts, but Breville’s The Baker’s Oven BBM100 has worked for many baking enthusiasts who prefer straightforward, easy to use settings that make tasty loaves.

Breville Quick & Easy BMO300
3.3 from 107 reviews

Latest review: The amount of steam and condensation produced in by this microwave is ridiculous There is so much water after using it that it runs down the door and covers the counter underneath The door remains

Breville Smart Scoop BCI600
3.4 from 68 reviews

Latest review: Yet another barely used and broken Breville product entering landfill. The internal paddle ceased working after few uses and now the unit pathetically cools down a lump of hardened mixture. Now

Breville Coffee & Spice BCG200
Coffee Grinders / Roasters

Breville Coffee & Spice BCG200

3.5 from 47 reviews

Latest review: It is really good at the first time when we use it. However, I started to grind some spices and after about 10-15 min machine started to slowdown and stop working. I only purchased this like 2 months

Breville the Smart Air
Air Purifiers

Breville the Smart Air

 · includes 4 listings
4.6 from 16 reviews

Latest review: With great features to offer, this product does what it says! • Suitable for rooms from 30 to 40m2 • SensAir Live Purity Control & LightIndicator • 4-Stage Air Purification System • Microbe Shield Li

Breville Crisp Control Waffle Maker BWM250
4.3 from 19 reviews

Latest review: I received the Breville Waffle Maker as a present from a student that was staying at our house before they left. Since that time we have had many years of enjoyment making yummy waffles. It is a

Breville the Smart Oven Air Fryer
Benchtop / Toaster Ovens and Air Fryers

Breville the Smart Oven Air Fryer

3.5 from 39 reviews

The $549 Smart Oven Air Fryer from Breville promises great crispiness and deliciously cooked food - and plenty of it, with its 22-litre capacity.

Breville Big One BTS100
Sandwich Presses

Breville Big One BTS100

3.8 from 26 reviews

Latest review: The trick with this sandwich maker is to take out of box and smash a axe through it not stick is non existent. Unless you want toasies like these very disappointed breville should recall this

Breville Quick Touch Crisp BMO700
3.8 from 26 reviews

Latest review: Had an issue with the time setting dial almost from the begining. Two years later it broke down. Not worth the Price. This was a Choice recommended product. I won't trust Choice's recommendations

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