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Bushman Original SC35-52
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017

Bushman Original SC35-52

4.8 from 101 reviews
  • Adjustable capacity of 32, 45 or 52 litres.

  • Durable, reliable and energy efficient in all temperatures and conditions.

  • Widely praised by customers

The Bushman Original SC35-52 is a durable, energy efficient and versatile product, ideal for refrigeration on the move and able to adjust its capacity from 32L, to 45L or 52L depending on your needs.

Bushman DC-X Series
  • Award Winner 2020

Bushman DC-X Series · includes 4 listings

4.9 from 17 reviews
  • Energy efficient

  • Compact design maximises storage space

  • Reviewers say it performs well in Australian summers

  • Perfect for mounting in boats and caravans.

  • Vertical design not suitable to throwing in the back of the car

  • Less portable than other fridges (requires installation)

The Bushman DC-X Series are a range of upright portable fridge/freezers, praised for their energy efficiency and compactness. They're ideal for boats, caravans, or off-grid living rather than casual weekenders.