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Daikin Cora

Split System Air ConditionersDaikin Cora · includes 27 listings

4.0 from 67 reviews

One of Daikin's mid-range split-system offerings, the Daikin Cora range can be used in both summer or winter, for small to large rooms. It features a 'Whisper Quiet' mode, equivalent to 19Dba. This can be likened to the noise level of a whisper from 1.5 metres away.

Daikin US7

Split System Air ConditionersDaikin US7 · includes 3 listings

4.2 from 15 reviews

Featuring built-in humidifying, dehumidifying and air purifying technologies, the US7 is the first 7-star energy efficient split system in Australia. As the cream of Daikin split-system crop, a smaller 2.5kW (for small rooms) costs just over $2, 000.

Daikin FDYQN Series

Ducted Air ConditionersDaikin FDYQN Series · includes 8 listings

3.3 from 12 reviews

Latest review: Its been more than a month i ordered for a Daikin 12 KW ducted AC unit paying 4000$ to the dealer. I still don't have the unit nor a confirmation on when its going to be available . Called up

Daikin Premium Inverter FDYQ Series

Ducted Air ConditionersDaikin Premium Inverter FDYQ Series · includes 7 listings

3.3 from 8 reviews

The Daikin Premium Inverter is designed with a compressor that's 10% more powerful than the Daikin Standard Inverter, and a piping length of up to 75m from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit, compared to 50m for the Standard Inverter.

Daikin 3 Phase Standard Inverter

Ducted Air ConditionersDaikin 3 Phase Standard Inverter · includes 4 listings

2.7 from 6 reviews

Compact, efficient and suited to houses with restricted space in their roofs and outdoors, this is Daikin's most affordable offering when it comes to ducted air conditioners.

Daikin Floor Standing

Split System Air ConditionersDaikin Floor Standing

4.5 from 2 reviews

The Daikin Floor Standing air conditioner is particularly suited to colder climates, as it provides more targeted heating by virtue of its position on the floor - as opposed to mounted high up on a wall.

Daikin Lite Systems

Split System Air ConditionersDaikin Lite Systems · includes 13 listings

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Had my 5kw Daikin Inverter Wall mounted split system air conditioner, FTXF50TVMA, installed in my lounge room in my home in December 2019. Runs fairly quietly, cools the room down very well and

Daikin Zena

Split System Air ConditionersDaikin Zena · includes 8 listings

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Designed with a deodorising air purification filter and a chic white hairline or black wood finish, the Daikin Zena is altogether easy on the senses. Prices start at $1, 250 for a 2.5kw model for smaller rooms.

Daikin Slim-Line Ducted Series

Ducted Air ConditionersDaikin Slim-Line Ducted Series · includes 4 listings

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This particular range of ducted air conditioners from Daikin is designed to be fitted easily into narrow ceilings.