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Dometic Waeco CFX Series

Portable Fridges / FreezersDometic Waeco CFX Series · includes 9 listings

3.5 from 70 reviews

The Dometic Waeco CFX Series are powerful, modern and energy efficient portable fridge/freezers, capable of cooling quickly and reliably even in hot external temperatures.

  • Modern technology, including mobile app, USB port and internal LED light

  • Energy efficient compressor technology for fast and efficient cooling

  • Can operate on solar power

  • Some reviewers complain about high power draw

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Dometic Waeco CF Series

Portable Fridges / FreezersDometic Waeco CF Series · includes 5 listings

3.3 from 65 reviews

The Dometic Waeco CF Series are affordable, easy to use portable fridge/freezers, equipped with an uncomplicated digital temperature display. It's a cheaper model of portable fridge, and less robust than others on the market.

  • Easy to use

  • Affordable

  • Very mobile and portable

  • Less durable and robust than other fridges

  • Some reviewers notice technical failures, especially of digital temperature display

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Dometic Waeco TropiCool Series

Portable Fridges / FreezersDometic Waeco TropiCool Series · includes 3 listings

3.5 from 33 reviews

The Dometic Waeco TropiCool Series are small, affordable portable fridges, capable of warming and cooling, best used to maintain the temperature of food or drink items. It's ideal for the footwell of a car or truck, but not to be relied upon for big camping trips.

  • Small, compact

  • Affordable

  • Designed for both warm and cool food or drinks

  • Maintains food temperature, rather than altering it

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Waeco Cool-Ice

Portable Fridges / FreezersWaeco Cool-Ice · includes 10 listings

3.1 from 14 reviews

Latest review: Have had my esky for couple of years now , on New Year’s Eve my son used it Unfortunately he’s friends house got burned down but the esky survived the fire ,it is a Scard but ok it still keep the bee

Dometic CFF 45

Portable Fridges / FreezersDometic CFF 45

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Purchased at BCF Goulburn Dec 18 for $699 It's been running non stop as a freezer set to -16 for nearly 18 months no problems Only been turned off so a short time after a year for cleaning Quite,

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Dometic Vacuum Sealer

Food SealersDometic Vacuum Sealer

1.9 from 9 reviews

Latest review: Bought this at 3:50pm one afternoon, returned it to the store at 8:05 am the next day. Tried vacuum sealer about 4 or 5 times. Read the instructions about a dozen times - very poor performance. From

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Dometic Bordbar

Portable Fridges / FreezersDometic Bordbar · includes 2 listings

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Dometic PerfectKitchen MCK750

Electric KettlesDometic PerfectKitchen MCK750

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