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Dux Proflo

Electric Hot Water Storage SystemsDux Proflo · includes 28 listings

4.0 from 329 reviews

Latest review: Got it through Bunnings, much cheaper than plumber. The installation was done by Dux and it was such a breeze. Everything was done within an hour. Excellent and reliable service from Dux plumber.

Dux Prodigy 4

Gas Hot Water Storage SystemsDux Prodigy 4 · includes 5 listings

4.3 from 83 reviews

Latest review: Our previous 20yo Dux hot water system finally died and we needed to replace it urgently. We went through Bunnings and decided on the larger 135ltr Dux. It does everything you expect from a quality

Dux Always Hot Continuous Flow
  • Award Winner 2020

Gas Continuous Hot Water SystemsDux Always Hot Continuous Flow · includes 20 listings

4.4 from 34 reviews

Latest review: Really happy with the product. looks neat and tidy against the wall. much better than the gas hot water tank we had. Very happy with the system and the

Dux Prodigy 5

Gas Hot Water Storage SystemsDux Prodigy 5 · includes 10 listings

2.4 from 134 reviews

Latest review: It was only after having purchased the Dux water heater, that I realised that Dux also offered an installation service. An independent Dux approved installer fitted the unit. The whole service was

Dux Airoheat

Electric Hot Water Storage SystemsDux Airoheat · includes 4 listings

1.4 from 305 reviews

Latest review: No service agent in Western Australia. Our plumber was told to drain and refill unit he wasn't able to check the anode. The unit hasn't been used in 3 years (7 year old unit) . Had it switched of for

Dux Prodigy 3

Gas Hot Water Storage SystemsDux Prodigy 3 · includes 4 listings

1.9 from 24 reviews

Latest review: My hot water tank is 5 years old and for the last 3 years I have had to relight the pilot light every few weeks. For no reason the pilot light goes out & of course I don’t know until I have a cold s

Dux Ecosmart Gas Boosted Solar

Gas Continuous Hot Water SystemsDux Ecosmart Gas Boosted Solar · includes 5 listings

1.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: My Dux Sunpro 305 Solar Water Heater leaked (frost valve) on it's second, forth, sixth, eight & tenth year. Each time this happened it cost me $400 to fix, plus a large water bill. Dux was not

Dux Ecosmart Electric Boosted Solar

Solar Water Heaters and Electric Water HeatersDux Ecosmart Electric Boosted Solar · includes 5 listings

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