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Dux Proflo

Electric Hot Water Storage SystemsDux Proflo · includes 28 listings

3.9 from 316 reviews

Latest review: Bought as replacement for my Not working 15-20year approx old dux hot water system. Old one worked wonderfully so hopefully this new one will work just the same. Was ordered two days ago, delivered

Dux Prodigy 4

Gas Hot Water Storage SystemsDux Prodigy 4 · includes 5 listings

4.2 from 77 reviews

Latest review: More than happy with the unit, it heats up quickly, very efficient, looks good & fits in the space provided Perfectly! I will recommend it to my friends & family! 5 stars for

Dux Always Hot Continuous Flow
  • Award Winner 2020

Gas Continuous Hot Water SystemsDux Always Hot Continuous Flow · includes 20 listings

4.4 from 32 reviews

Latest review: I have had Dux 26ENA5N for almost 5 months now and since almost the day one we have had this problem that sometime it is not able to ignite/start. Some weeks it happen once, some times it happens a

Dux Prodigy 5

Gas Hot Water Storage SystemsDux Prodigy 5 · includes 10 listings

2.4 from 131 reviews

Latest review: It was installed sometime in March 2016 & I was expecting more from this product, but after just 4 years (may 2020) it needs compartment replacement & service. I had to spend some money to fix the

Dux Prodigy 3

Gas Hot Water Storage SystemsDux Prodigy 3 · includes 4 listings

1.9 from 23 reviews

Latest review: As a 33 year experienced and Licensed Plumber and Licensed Gas fitter you get loyal combustion over the expectations of 7 years before replacing the unit. Commissioning of the unit is the key. Peter

Dux Airoheat

Electric Hot Water Storage SystemsDux Airoheat · includes 4 listings

1.4 from 305 reviews

Latest review: No service agent in Western Australia. Our plumber was told to drain and refill unit he wasn't able to check the anode. The unit hasn't been used in 3 years (7 year old unit) . Had it switched of for

Dux Ecosmart Gas Boosted Solar

Gas Continuous Hot Water SystemsDux Ecosmart Gas Boosted Solar · includes 5 listings

1.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Very bad experience i got with Dux solar water heater, i bought new house in Oct- 2012 and this system was there to give me lot of financial pain, from 2012 to Dec-2018 i paid almost $ 1000 to repair

Dux Ecosmart Electric Boosted Solar

Solar Water Heaters and Electric Water HeatersDux Ecosmart Electric Boosted Solar · includes 5 listings

No reviews
Dux Marathon

Electric Hot Water Storage SystemsDux Marathon

3.0 from 6 reviews

Latest review: we've had our Dux 315 Mararthon for over 11 years with no problems and I have to admit no servicing or anode changing just replaced our tank with same brand Dux but pro flo as no marathon avail but

Dux Endurance Continuous Flow

Gas Continuous Hot Water SystemsDux Endurance Continuous Flow · includes 4 listings

1.5 from 68 reviews

Latest review: Installed DUX 26l Endurance Six in 2010. Worked fine for the first 4 years then the PCB went. Replaced with no warranty cover offered at a cost of over $500. Now at the 10 yr mark PCB has failed

Dux Sunpro 2F136S

Solar Water HeatersDux Sunpro 2F136S

1.4 from 8 reviews

Latest review: Only after 3 yrs my Dux Sunpro 2F136S installed with a new a new build has failed me we paid $671 to a plumber to replace Auto Air Valve the water is still leaking now plumber wants another $470 to

Dux Sunpro

Solar Water HeatersDux Sunpro · includes 13 listings

1.3 from 179 reviews

Latest review: Had a Dux Sunpro DN15DS installed on a new house, just noticed a water leak at the bottom of the unit. Last year during winter had the relief valve

Dux Sunpro Gas Solar DN15DT2DC

Solar Water HeatersDux Sunpro Gas Solar DN15DT2DC

1.2 from 18 reviews

Latest review: Unit has been crap from day one but bearable. Solar panels started leaking after a frost in 2016. been on the roof a couple times to stop the leak. Had enough of it leaking in May '19 and got the

Dux Sunpro 305

Solar Water HeatersDux Sunpro 305 · includes 2 listings

1.1 from 46 reviews

Latest review: I recently bought a property just under 10 years old, and on final inspection, the previous owner told me that the solar panels had been disconnected from the SunPro 305 due to various problems. On

Dux Marathon 135T

Electric Hot Water Storage SystemsDux Marathon 135T

No reviews
Dux Endurance Premium

Gas Continuous Hot Water SystemsDux Endurance Premium

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