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Hisense HR6TFF Series

Latest review: The fridge functions really well for the price. No issues with it yet. Looks good and has enough space for a family of two or three depending on use. Overall happy with the

Hisense HR6FDFF630S

Latest review: Excellent product wonderful very nice cooling is excellent love love love great no problem at all very good quality best fridge i ever had ever brought no regret every

Hisense HR6BMFF435 / HR6BMFF520

Latest review: I loved the design and functions of the fridge freezer until the fridge section suddenly stoped working at only 3.5 years since purchased and used in clean stable environment. Hisense original

Hisense HR6CDFF695

Latest review: I have loved everything about my Black Glass French Door Fridge from the minute I saw it at JB Hi Fi. It has always been complemented of our stylish it looks but sadly something broke down in the

Hisense HR6CF146 / HR6CF206 / HR6CF307

Latest review: The only brand I know of which has a "fault" light which proved handy. You won't find it in the manual at all but it actually means that the refrigeration unit is struggling to keep the chest to the

Hisense HR6VFF280D / HR6VFF280SD

Latest review: So we brought this as a replacement for our chest freezer (and of course brought the similar Hisense fridge so we have a pidgeon pair). The freezer works well, as well as you would expect a freezer

Hisense HR6BF121

Latest review: I have only just received this fridge so cannot comment on its function. I can say however that I am disappointed in its design - there is no arrangement of the shelves that will permit standing

Hisense HR6 Series

Latest review: Great fridge and freezer! Plenty of room and shelf space. Water dispenser is great! Price was fantastic and staff were friendly and helpful whilst choosing the perfect fridge. Thanks JB-Hi-Fi for

Hisense HR6BF157

Latest review: Nice fridge with plenty of room. Super quiet. Nice colour. The freezer door is a bit hard to open and close but a bit of oil on it fixed that issue. Build quality is good as you'd expect with the

Hisense HR6FDFF701SW

Latest review: If my LED lights and LCD screen weren't an issue I would rate this fridge really high. The capacity of this fridge and freezer is excellent (great for a family of 5), the light inside is awesome and

Hisense HR6BMFF320

Latest review: It was good but when I was purchased there was a great condition but after a few weeks the light of the fridge is not working when I was open the fridge door the lights has to automatically in but

Hisense HR6AFF355D

Latest review: So we brought this fridge along with it's "pidgeon pair" freezer. Basically we were sick of having to dig into the separate freezer, having a pidgeon pair means we have versatility in the future if

Hisense HR6VFF177A

Latest review: Never again, failed within a month,lost all our food, tried to contact hisense, surprise they are on a public holiday 28/09/18, checked online with other owners, and reset the defrost timer, hope it

Hisense HR6BMFF514SW

Latest review: Ok so I am editing this review as my initial review was very harsh based on a bad experience. Since then we have a replacement which is working just fine so far... the water dispenser is a refill,

Hisense HR6BMFF453S

Latest review: This unit is simple in its sleek brushed-silver design, making it easy to clean and resistant to finger prints and smudges. The handles are seamlessly integrated into the doors which means no

Hisense FMN431W20C

Latest review: We purchased this item after looking through Which Magazine and we have not been disapointed. Very pleased with it. The way that the trays have a slider that works for fruit push it to low and veg

Hisense HR6AF239

Latest review: 1 The fridge maintain perfectly the temperature with outside LED indicators of fridge and freezer temperature after the doors were opened. The motor is hardly audible, which is great in a combined

Hisense HR6WC30

Latest review: Purchased recently, this was recomended as the better purchase over the Haier/Vintec brands. Blending beautifully with blackwood buffet this 30 bottle Hisense Bar/Wine fridge is a real surprise.

Hisense HR6BF47

Latest review: This bar fridge is a wee ripper. Its tiny only 47 litres but it does a super job of keeping the stubbies cool. I only run it over the summer - no point in a Victorian winter. One point that people

Hisense HR6CDFF509SW

Latest review: By far the worst design of any product I've ever seen: the dimensions, accessibility, AND utility are all sub-par. Because the price was attractive, the Hisense was given a go. From day 1, pretty

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