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Home & Co 34L (Kmart) EM134AL7

Latest review: The microwave preserve really well the original texture of the food , specially is good with the vegetables , I'm so satisfied with the programming features and control that have available , this

Home & Co (Kmart) 2400W Iron

Latest review: We Bought it a few months ago...gets heaed way too much and ironing plate is of cheap quality ..it has spoiled so much of our clotheWouldnt recommend it to

Home & Co (Kmart) Milk Frother

Latest review: Bought the last one on the shelf, so no box and no instructions. Read and watched on-line instructions which suggested not leaving it un-rinsed immediately after using it. That advice appears to

Home & Co (Kmart) Hand Held

Latest review: I bought this steamer 2 weeks ago as a short term fix. It’s a great steamer for silk, a little more time required for linen and cotton shirts but overall very happy. Great value for money, stores a

Home & Co Steam Iron KB602E2

Latest review: This iron is without a doubt the best I have ever owned. I love the digital display and settings. I also love the fact that it is hot and ready to use in under 30 seconds

Home & Co (Kmart) 4 Slice Stainless Toaster

Latest review: A great 4 toaster. Has great options for the use of the toaster. Not only does it look good it was also a fantastic price so i bought the matching kettle aswell. Easy to clean ,great toast and

Home & Co 2000W Bagged Vacuum

Home & Co Handheld Steam Cleaner

Latest review: The steam lasts around 1-2 minutes before a refill is needed which takes around 3 minutes to reheat. If you are using this for any moderate job it will take you twice as long. Jif and some elbow

Home & Co (Kmart) 2 Slice Toaster

Latest review: This toaster works well and it's very cheap. It doesn't take lots of space in the kitchen. It makes good toasts and it doesn't take long. It's lightweight and easy to use and to clean. I definitely

Home & Co (Kmart) Pie Maker

Latest review: So glad I bought this. I tend to make pies every second day now lol. It makes a great pantry on the pastry. They’re ready easier and quicker than a cheese melt. I’ve gotten everybody I know hooked ont

Home & Co (Kmart) SH-MC510

Latest review: Love the machine and was used frequently then went to use and nothing happened. No lights came on when plugged in. Was having family night & needed it but no lights came on when plugged in. I got

Home & Co (Kmart) Sandwich Maker

Latest review: This sandwich maker was fine for the first couple of uses. After while, however I noticed a pretty strong burning smell. I noticed that any cheese/runoff from toasted sandwiches was falling below

Home & Co (Kmart) 4 Slice Long Slot

Latest review: I purchased this from K-mart less than five months ago. I was looking for a toaster that would accommodate larger sized slices of bread form the free-form loaves that I like. It fulfills that

Home & Co (Kmart) HEG20

Home & Co (Kmart) HEG10