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Homemaker (Kmart) 20L Microwave

Latest review: Initially I hesitated at buying this due to ‘you get what you pay for’ but I needed it for the space. It fits a normal dinner plate and spaciously on a counter top or on a fridge. Definitely a great p

Homemaker Drink Bottle Blender

Latest review: I love my kmart blender, its perfect for shakes and even crushes ice unlike some other blenders. This is the second one I have had. The only downfall is I find the bottles are hard to clean and over

Homemaker Steam Mop STM-501

Latest review: Of all the steam mops I have had, this has to be the best. Nice and compact fits into the corners during use, puts out really good jets of steam, leaves the floor dry and no streaks. Pads are easily

Homemaker 25 Litre

Latest review: I purchased this microwave after reading the reviews as I only heat things up in it. The microwave itself seems to work well but the clock is gaining 2 hours everyday I will return and probably

Homemaker Stainless Steel Slow Cooker 5L

Latest review: Have had this slow cooker for about 6 months and used around once a week. Does red meat dishes really well, just chop everything and throw all ingredients in, set to high for an hour or two then

Kmart 28L EM930AH1

Latest review: The old saying you get what you pay for certainly rings true. This $50 microwave is a condensation box. So much that the whole microwave is rusted. Constantly have to wipe under the plate otherwise

Homemaker Mini Blender

Latest review: Dont bother !,,put the cost of this towards a branded item,,,, disappointing considering it leaves bits of banana ( worlds softest fruit) at the bottom of the cup after Blending for 1 minute,,,,,how

Homemaker LD-1989A

Latest review: HI I really like this kettle, however after after a year or so the lid falls apart. I had a look (and taken pictures) to noticed that the where the screws connect the bottom and top part (and keeps

Homemaker 25 Litre Stainless Steel Front

Latest review: looks more expensive than it was and at a larger size it holds everything I need it to. I have purchased cheap microwaves before and got what I paid for, but this one works really well. Happy with

Homemaker Pressure Cooker

Latest review: Has worked well. The instruction book needs a little more detail e.g. What is the Multi grain function used for? The setting instructions are not easy to understand. Can I cook bread in it. Where

Homemaker Steam Iron KB-166A2

Latest review: Poor performance. Seemed ok initially when used for the ironing with heat up and crease removal. Then after 8 months it sprayed steam and rust from the sole plates over my white shirt! I had only

Homemaker Benchtop Convection Oven

Latest review: Not something I'd buy again. Okay in a pinch (broken built in oven) bit it's basically just a toaster/grilled cheese maker. We did make a couple of pizzas that turned out okay, as king as the topping

Homemaker Vacuum Sealer

Latest review: This machine does not work. After many attemps of buying the proper plastic for it and wasting my time and money this machine seals ok although the vacuum is deplorable. Do not even bother looking at

Homemaker Bench Mixer

Latest review: Not a bad mixer and it's done the I needed it to do so far. Mine came with a broken paddle and I was able to get in touch with kmart for a new one with no problems. Pretty happy so

Homemaker Pie Maker

Latest review: Purchased this morning, followed all First Time Use instructions, lovely apple pies cooked to perfection BUT sides of white lid discoloured as if singed. Just posting this review to warn others and

Homemaker 2-in-1 NK-165

Latest review: I live in a very small unit and this is the perfect size for my needs, it has a easy pop open top so I can get rid of the dust with no mess, is very quiet and have good suction.. and great value for

Kmart 3 Tier Food Steamer

Latest review: This steamer is very easy to use. The quality is average for the price I paid for. The reservoir is not removable, so it is not very easy to wash it. After 1 year of use, it is working fine, but the

Homemaker (Kmart) 1.7L Cordless Kettle

Latest review: It boiled water in a reasonable amount of time, for that it gets a star. It hasn't been 12 months and it has already started to malfunction, not turning on when the switch is turned to on, a

Homemaker 2 Slice Stainless Steel - Red

Latest review: I have had another toaster that I didn’t like. Over the years of have bought many Sunbeam appliances as a respectable brand therefore I thought I would buy a sunbeam toaster. When I toast one of s