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Kambrook KFH660

Kambrook KDF460 / KDF560

Latest review: I got this on special from Big W so at hald price it was cheap enough. My joy, however, was short lived as despite the fact that it probably lasted the best part of a year it's not as if I cook deep

Kambrook Aquarius Cordfree KAK36

Latest review: I bought this kettle almost four years ago and estimate that I've boiled up over 7,000 cups of tea in it. I love my cups of tea, so it's been used every single day - problem free. You'll soon get

Kambrook KCE340

Kambrook Banquet KEF16

Latest review: I have always used a electrical frypan. First kambrook one and will be the last . I have had nothing but trouble with the thermostat cooking too high or turns off. Causing food to burn. Well a few

Kambrook Captiv12V

Latest review: I got this vacuum cleaner so I wouldn't have to take the big vacuum cleaner out to my car all the time. It took a few hours to be charged (green light on), took it out to my car and started. I found

Kambrook Rice Master

Latest review: The ONLY good thing about this rice cooker is that it actually cooks rice. Otherwise, the steam vent is positioned perfectly to burn the knuckles of anyone opening it to actually eat the rice. This

Kambrook KT260

Latest review: no matter what bread we toast, it takes soooooo looooooooooong to toast! we've owned Kambrook toasters before & they were fantastic! it cooks the toast at the very top of the toaster, previous

Kambrook KFA839

Latest review: Had 2 In of them in 2 years first one remote stopped working with in a few months second sat for few months in winter now it's summer been using It flat out and now top bottons not working and keeps

Kambrook KT460

Latest review: Never thought in my life I would write a review on a toaster... but here we are. How on earth can you f#*k up making a toaster? It can't be rocket science! Soooooo slow, if you like dehydrated

Kambrook KTA140

Latest review: Does toast quite well however the position of the cord is on the wrong side of the toaster. Whic I think is poor design. You need to face the toaster with the controls to the wall as the power cord

Kambrook Mix & Store KSB70WHT

Latest review: Does a great job, has a mixing container that is also the cover that you can pack it away on the bench in. Easy to travel with and good for nuts and seeds in

Kambrook KKE620RED

Latest review: I like that this kettle is cordless and red in colour. It fits easily on the bench. Ir boils quikly. And very easy to clean. I would recommend this to most people . Price is very reasonable and

Kambrook KPF849WHT

Latest review: A really stable fan, excellent for sleeping with, the fan on lowest mode is silent, just enough air movement without being annoying while trying to sleep in this awfull heat! Have just bought

Kambrook Essentials KEW5

Latest review: Quite a good sized wok which heats up fast, perfect for everything from stir-frying to scrambled eggs, nothing sticks and it's easy to clean inside. My only small complaint would be the handles

Kambrook Soup 2 Simple KBL620BSS

Latest review: This makes amazing soups and I have made many versions of soup and some following recipes and some through trails of left over veges in my refridgarator. It's has three major modes to make the soups

Kambrook KCE240

Kambrook Profile KSC450

Kambrook KTA270BSS2JAN1

Latest review: The Sunbeam Cafe toaster went to the other half in the seperation but I couldn't extend myself to spend +$100 again despite how great that product is. So $50 was my budget and after reading every

Kambrook STEAMini KFS200BLK

Latest review: I'm replacing my still-working unit because it is infuriating. The steamer doesn't pump out steam consistently. A thermostat or similar switches the heating element on & off, as a result I either

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