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Kmart Anko 3.2L Air Fryer
  • Award Winner 2020

Air FryersKmart Anko 3.2L Air Fryer

4.5 from 353 reviews

Latest review: i cook each day with meat, vegs and more... is so simple and makes cooking easy! so happy and have other friends using the air fryer with all been positive about

Kmart 5L Slow Cooker

Slow CookersKmart 5L Slow Cooker

4.3 from 95 reviews

Latest review: I have found most Kmart appliances to be of a high quality similar to brand names at a very affordable price. I paid under $30 for my Kmart slow cooker 2 years ago and use it all the time. Very

Kmart Anko 20L Microwave

MicrowavesKmart Anko 20L Microwave

4.0 from 155 reviews

Latest review: I bought this microwave almost 4 years ago and it's still going strong. I use it just to heat up foods and though it takes longer than more expensive/bigger models, it does the

Kmart Anko 5.3L Air Fryer

Air FryersKmart Anko 5.3L Air Fryer

4.5 from 46 reviews

Latest review: I love my anko air fryer but the non stick coating is coming off. Where can I purchase another basket from. Other than that it’s great best present I ever r

Kmart 2 in 1 Corded Stick Vacuum ST01

Stick & Cordless Vacuum CleanersKmart 2 in 1 Corded Stick Vacuum ST01

4.0 from 111 reviews

Latest review: I use it upstairs on carpet. Works well for about 20 minutes and then you have to recharge. You can use it as a hand vacuum (detachable) for harder reaching

Kmart Anko 2200W Bagless

Barrel Vacuum CleanersKmart Anko 2200W Bagless

3.9 from 226 reviews

Latest review: this is an excellent cleaner so easy to use. picks up dog hair with ease. we love this cleaner Purchased in NZ at kmart as a second cleaner but is used daily as it is so light and easy to

Kmart Anko 2000W Bagless

Barrel Vacuum CleanersKmart Anko 2000W Bagless

3.8 from 153 reviews

Latest review: Carpet and floorboards and tiles. Cleans well vary reliable and convenient doesn’t tip over good quality better than my previous Dyson. Good suction picks up most materials light weight easy w

Homemaker / Anko Stainless Steel Slow Cooker 5L

Slow CookersHomemaker / Anko Stainless Steel Slow Cooker 5L

4.0 from 59 reviews

Latest review: I think i got one use out of this and now it wont go over 70 degrees, and thats on high. Complete waste of money. Defiantly recommend spending a little extra to avoid buying this

Kmart 1.5L Digital Blender

BlendersKmart 1.5L Digital Blender

3.7 from 70 reviews

Latest review: Excellent 5 star Not noisy ! automatic timer ! I use it everyday for the last 2 years 750watts $49 only Kmart top bargain I recommend it . Has lots of easy settings

Kmart Anko Fan Heater

Electric HeatersKmart Anko Fan Heater

4.1 from 36 reviews

Latest review: I guess it does the job. Sometimes it would make a smell when u put it on max which can be alarming. I do like that it has a fan option so it’s not just for h

Kmart High Velocity Chrome Fan

Standalone FansKmart High Velocity Chrome Fan

4.0 from 39 reviews

Latest review: The fan is great... The only reason I didn't give it a 5 was because the side nuts to tighten and adjust should be a butterfly nuts instead of a regular nut. I picked some up from bunnings for cheap

Kmart Anko 11 Fin Oil Heater

Electric HeatersKmart Anko 11 Fin Oil Heater

3.7 from 64 reviews

Latest review: I've used it for about 3 months now, it takes quite a while to heat up the room but it works just fine. Wanted to opt for convection heater because I heard that it heats up faster, but cost

Kmart 2400W Bagless

Barrel Vacuum CleanersKmart 2400W Bagless

3.4 from 135 reviews

Latest review: Had this vacuum literally 3 days and that is how long it lasted.....motor burnout! Was only using to vacuum carpets and obviously it was too hard work for it. Extremely disappointed as I had people

Kmart Pie Maker

Pie MakersKmart Pie Maker

4.4 from 23 reviews

Latest review: Haven’t stopped using this since purchased. Cooks quickly, is so adaptable and cleans easily. Pies, muffins, everything turns out beautifully. Recommended it to my daughter and she loves it t

Kmart Oscillating Fan Heater

Electric HeatersKmart Oscillating Fan Heater

4.1 from 31 reviews

Latest review: Started well. Heated room quite quickly. BUT 2 months later I switched it on and within one minute a jet of flame 20cm long came out the front. If I had been out of the room for just 5 minutes I

Kmart Anko 600ml Mini Blender

BlendersKmart Anko 600ml Mini Blender

3.7 from 44 reviews

Latest review: I am looking for the replacement of the glass part, because I liked the blender and I do not find it any more. I did brake the glass part of it, please, anyone can

Kmart Espresso Coffee Machine

Manual / Semi-Automatic Coffee MachinesKmart Espresso Coffee Machine

3.4 from 67 reviews

Latest review: This coffee machine has changed my mornings. It is the first thing I do when I wake up and even using Almond milk, the froth is great. A bit short for the jug but great! My morning almond cappuccino

Kmart Anko 28L Microwave

MicrowavesKmart Anko 28L Microwave

3.9 from 28 reviews

Latest review: I have just brought this, used it a few times and the door won't close now. Cheap stuff isn't better, should have spent the extra $ to get a decent

Kmart 3-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

Benchtop / Toaster Ovens, Air Fryers and Food DehydratorsKmart 3-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

3.9 from 26 reviews

The Kmart 3-in-1 Air Fryer, priced at $129, can be used as an air fryer, oven or dehydrator.

Kmart Cordless Stick Vacuum VC101

Stick & Cordless Vacuum CleanersKmart Cordless Stick Vacuum VC101

3.1 from 84 reviews

Latest review: Great cheap product. You must empty the holder and ran the filters each time to maintain suction. Those commenting with poor function after a few months, check the manual, there's a filter clogged

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