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Kmart Anko 3.2L Air Fryer
  • Award Winner 2020
4.4 from 382 reviews

At an affordable price, the Kmart Anko 3.2L Air Fryer lets you cook all your favourite foods using a fraction (or none) of the oil.

  • Cuts down cooking time

  • Cooks and crisps up food nicely

  • Painless clean up

Kmart Anko 20L Microwave
4.0 from 158 reviews

At just $48, this 20-litre conventional microwave from Kmart seems like a steal. But is it up to the job of reheating foods and drinks to a satisfactory quality?

  • 5 auto cooking menus

  • Affordable price

  • Can be slow to heat food

Kmart 2 in 1 Corded Stick Vacuum ST01
Stick & Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Kmart 2 in 1 Corded Stick Vacuum ST01

4.1 from 114 reviews

Latest review: I am happy to have this cheap vacuum but good performance using in hard floor. Even simple tiny things can easily sucked as well as some long hairs around in the house. It is so light to carry and

Kmart Anko 2200W Bagless
Barrel Vacuum Cleaners

Kmart Anko 2200W Bagless

3.8 from 232 reviews

Latest review: Vacuum worked we.when new, has slowly lost suction lower over the last few months. Used on good condition carpet in an apartment... not heavy use at all. Invest in a better brand, don't waste money

Kmart Anko 2000W Bagless
Barrel Vacuum Cleaners

Kmart Anko 2000W Bagless

3.8 from 155 reviews

Latest review: Good suction but overheat and shut down after 20minutes of continuous use. Good for vacuuming a car or a caravan, probably. Its pretty loud. I returned to the shop as it was still in

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Kmart Anko Stainless Steel Slow Cooker 5L
3.9 from 60 reviews

Latest review: Completely dissatisfied, what's the point of a slow cooker that doesn't cook? Only good for the rubbish bin... Spend a few dollars more for something that actually heats up. Piece of

Kmart Anko 5.3L Air Fryer
3.8 from 72 reviews

Latest review: This Kmart airfryer has been a fantastic upgrade in our household, I love to cook most of my good in here, everything comes out cooked amazing and without the extra oils/fats! Not only is it easy to

Kmart Anko Fan Heater
Electric Heaters

Kmart Anko Fan Heater

4.1 from 39 reviews

For a sweet penny-pinching $15, the Kmart Anko Fan Heater provides much toasty-warm goodness for reviewers.

Kmart 1.5L Digital Blender
3.7 from 72 reviews

Latest review: Does a really good job Light jug, comfortable to hold. It is noisy but they all are. Rubber sucker feet sure hold it but require thought Easy clean LEAKED around the spindle KMart refunded, I will

Kmart High Velocity Chrome Fan
4.1 from 38 reviews

As a heavy-duty floor fan, this unobtrusive $49 Kmart High Velocity Chrome Fan will keep you comfortably cool – while letting you receive change back from a $50 note.

Kmart Anko 11 Fin Oil Heater
3.7 from 64 reviews

The $55 Kmart Anko 11 Fin Oil Heater uses an oil-assisted heating element to produce a gentle yet consistent level of heat within a room.

Kmart Pie Maker
Pie Makers

Kmart Pie Maker

4.3 from 26 reviews

Latest review: Bought as more of a gimmick but I’ve used it more times than I can count! Kids love it too! Great product! A little pastry wastage and a little time consuming to clean properly but worth i

Kmart 2400W Bagless
Barrel Vacuum Cleaners

Kmart 2400W Bagless

3.4 from 141 reviews

Latest review: I bought this a month ago. I have a 2 storey and it does a great job. The cord is probably standard vac length - could be longer -And it is a crap job to empty as you need to shake the filter as

Kmart Anko 600ml Mini Blender
3.7 from 44 reviews

Latest review: I am looking for the replacement of the glass part, because I liked the blender and I do not find it any more. I did brake the glass part of it, please, anyone can

Kmart Oscillating Fan Heater
3.9 from 33 reviews

Latest review: Fan works well if you want to circulate air but I really wanted it to warm a small space when I get dressed or come out of the shower. Does not heat at all! Its meant to be a heater..back to using my

Kmart Espresso Coffee Machine
Semi-Automatic and Manual Coffee Machines

Kmart Espresso Coffee Machine

3.4 from 73 reviews

Latest review: Fantastic at the start, until the rubber seal stopped working as it should and then the milk frother decided not to do anything anymore. The lights come on when buttons aren't pressed in, or stay on

Kmart Anko 28L Microwave
3.9 from 29 reviews

Latest review: I only use this microwave for defrosting or reheating, it does the job to my satisfaction. I like the defrost by weight, as this doesn't waste electricity or time.

Kmart Cordless Stick Vacuum VC101
Stick & Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Kmart Cordless Stick Vacuum VC101

3.1 from 84 reviews

Latest review: Great cheap product. You must empty the holder and ran the filters each time to maintain suction. Those commenting with poor function after a few months, check the manual, there's a filter clogged

Kmart Anko 25L

Kmart Anko 25L

3.6 from 25 reviews

Latest review: Purchased yesterday . Door will not close without a pretty good hit at the bottom , and even then door still sticks out at bottom . Taking back today , and will spend a bit more and get a real one .

Kmart 3-in-1 Air Fryer Oven
Benchtop / Toaster Ovens, Air Fryers and Food Dehydrators

Kmart 3-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

3.1 from 45 reviews

The $129 Kmart 3-in-1 Air Fryer is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance, serving as an air fryer, oven and dehydrator.

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