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Magimix Cook Expert
  • Award Winner 2021
  • 2020

All-In-One Kitchen AppliancesMagimix Cook Expert

4.8 from 429 reviews

Latest review: Perfect risotto. Easy clean and fantastic self clean option. Food processor is top quality and have had perfect results so far. Looking forward to using all attachments and expanding my repertoire

Magimix 4200 XL
  • Award Winner 2021

Food ProcessorsMagimix 4200 XL

4.3 from 68 reviews

Latest review: Works very well, does the job and the accessories that come with the food processor are incredibly helpful and easy to use. Love how quiet it is when in

Magimix 5200 / 5200 XL

Food ProcessorsMagimix 5200 / 5200 XL · includes 2 listings

4.0 from 49 reviews

Latest review: I am amazed by how beautiful and how quick this slices veggies and chops and mixes. I have had a couple of hiccups with both the large bowl and the citrus press, however after a few emails I am

Magimix Compact 3200 / 3200 XL

Food ProcessorsMagimix Compact 3200 / 3200 XL · includes 2 listings

4.1 from 38 reviews

Latest review: Totally delighted to dramatically cut down time in kitchen preparing food. Dressings/ sauces/ dips in a flash and no noisy noise. Will have to buy dicing kit soon to finish entire range of food prep

Magimix Le Micro

Food ProcessorsMagimix Le Micro

3.4 from 8 reviews

Latest review: This is really good for doing small amounts of stuff, e.g. dicing onions, etc. I think a bamix is better for doing Pesto sauce, pastes, etc. We have had ours for over 5 years and it is still going

Magimix Le Mini Plus

Food ProcessorsMagimix Le Mini Plus

2.7 from 3 reviews

Latest review: I have had Magimix in the past, and bought this one as an upgrade. Very disappointed as it failed to chop as well as the previous model. Although much quieter but pretty much useless unless you want

Magimix Power Blender

BlendersMagimix Power Blender · includes 3 listings

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