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Midea MB-YJ3010 1.0L Convenient Rice Cooker

Rice CookersMidea MB-YJ3010 1.0L Convenient Rice Cooker

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: I was shopping for an expensive rice cooker that didn't take half of my kitchen counter space. Wanted to keep the cooked rice under 3 cups. Came upon this brand. Never heard of it before. Decided to

Midea Mini Dishwasher

Benchtop DishwashersMidea Mini Dishwasher

3.5 from 6 reviews

Latest review: Great job on cups/mugs/glasses and most of the cutlery. The spray isn’t able to get into bowls The dividers between plates are too close together so the Plates fall against each other and the spray

Midea 280L HP280

Electric Continuous Hot Water SystemsMidea 280L HP280

2.7 from 3 reviews

Latest review: Noisey so noisey its woken me up every night since installed its over 30 feet away from bedroom double brick house its always running insulation is terrible so it always heating just dumb. When

Midea HS-195CN / HS-260CN / HS-390CN

Chest FreezersMidea HS-195CN / HS-260CN / HS-390CN · includes 3 listings

1.0 from 1 review

Latest review: While it was operational, I had no complaints. To last only 18 months is very poor. The compressor had rust marks on it after this time. It was a cheap chest freezer and I guess I got what I paid for

Midea Aurora Series (R410A)

Split System Air ConditionersMidea Aurora Series (R410A) · includes 5 listings

No reviews
Midea Countertop MDWB1BL / MDWB1SS / MDWB1W

Benchtop DishwashersMidea Countertop MDWB1BL / MDWB1SS / MDWB1W · includes 3 listings

No reviews

Freestanding OvensMidea MFS90CSS / MFS90GSS / MFS90ISS · includes 3 listings

No reviews
Midea Built-in 10 Function PYRO MOP9BL / MOP9SS

Wall OvensMidea Built-in 10 Function PYRO MOP9BL / MOP9SS · includes 2 listings

No reviews
Midea MCG601GBL

Gas CooktopsMidea MCG601GBL

No reviews
Midea Freestanding 12 Place MDWCSS / MDWCW

Freestanding DishwashersMidea Freestanding 12 Place MDWCSS / MDWCW · includes 2 listings

No reviews
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