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Simpson SWT1043

Top Loading Washing MachinesSimpson SWT1043

3.1 from 74 reviews

Latest review: Good while it worked but of course as with all Electrolux washers it only lasts to just after the manufacturers warranty and then dies. This is the 4th Simpson 10kg washer we have had and rarely do

Simpson SWT8043

Top Loading Washing MachinesSimpson SWT8043

2.5 from 96 reviews

Latest review: I have owned this machine for 3 years i used to love my simpson washing machine but after this machine i will never buy one again moldy smell coming from machine even tho i clean it regularly. The

Simpson SWT9043

Top Loading Washing MachinesSimpson SWT9043 · includes 2 listings

2.5 from 39 reviews

Latest review: Just replaced an old Samsung 8kg with the 9kg Simpson Top Load, which the Salesman recommended. Even though I clean the filter after every wash there is still a lot of lint on everything I have

Simpson SDV457HQWA

Vented Clothes DryersSimpson SDV457HQWA

4.7 from 7 reviews

Latest review: It is compatible with all types of clothes and is good value for money. We are very satisfied with this dryer. There are no issues with delicate clothing and would recommend this

Simpson SDV656HQWA

Vented Clothes DryersSimpson SDV656HQWA

4.4 from 5 reviews

Latest review: I bought this Simpson vented dryer a couple of months ago and it works fine. there are many cycles to choose from and all of them dry your clothes well. A problem with this dryer is the laundry room

Simpson Ezi Set Front Loaders

Front Loading Washing MachinesSimpson Ezi Set Front Loaders · includes 2 listings

4.0 from 9 reviews

Latest review: Firstly never use powder for the quick and daily wash for best results use a liquid or biozet quick wash, liquids dissolve hell lot quicker than powder. You should only use the quick wash to freshen

Simpson SWT6055TMWA

Top Loading Washing MachinesSimpson SWT6055TMWA

3.5 from 4 reviews

Latest review: This is the 3rd Simpson washing machine we have bought over 40 years. This one has a soft close lid, which stops the clang if you let go of it. The machine washes really good , ( as Simson always do)

Simpson SDV556HQWA

Vented Clothes DryersSimpson SDV556HQWA

3.3 from 6 reviews

Latest review: Pretty quiet for a cheaper clothes dryer. Clothes always come out dry on the auto setting wich for a full load takes less than a hour. I definetly would

Simpson SWT1254LCWA

Top Loading Washing MachinesSimpson SWT1254LCWA

3.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: I bought this machine 3 weeks ago for normal domestic use and I won’t be keeping it. The main problem is the very poor spin cycle. The clothes, towels sheets come out quite wet so they take a lot l

Simpson SWT7055LMWA

Top Loading Washing MachinesSimpson SWT7055LMWA

2.0 from 7 reviews

Latest review: If I could give this machine 0 stars I would - It is the most useless washing machine I have ever used, it doesn't have a lint filter and the clothes come out dirtier than when they went in.