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Home & Co (Kmart) 2400W Iron

Latest review: Need to handle with care with gentle fabrics. Works good for cotton shirts, trousers, jeans and jackets. Light weight and compact to store. Steams in seconds and gets heated very

Home & Co (Kmart) Milk Frother

Latest review: This is honestly really bad. It burns the milk, is hard to pour and is very hard to clean. Not even worth the $29 it cost. I'm just writing this review so that nobody else has to waste their

Home & Co Handheld Steam Cleaner

Latest review: There is no information on how to fill the product up with water, which is necessary because 1. there is no way to find any hole or anything where water could be poured in; and 2. it operates with

Home & Co (Kmart) Hand Held

Latest review: Battery lasts approx 8 mins. Cannot suck dust from louvres. Terrible buy for $39. It would not pick up anything from car carpet, struggled to pick up dirt and

Home & Co (Kmart) 4 Slice Stainless Toaster

Latest review: A great 4 toaster. Has great options for the use of the toaster. Not only does it look good it was also a fantastic price so i bought the matching kettle aswell. Easy to clean ,great toast and

Home & Co 2000W Bagged Vacuum

Home & Co Steam Iron KB602E2

Latest review: I bought the iron on 7/2/2019. Let's face it - it was cheap $35. So, in many ways its not fair to compare with other products that cost a lot more. I am the 'ironer' in the home, my wife hates

Home & Co (Kmart) 2 Slice Toaster

Latest review: Very easy , beautiful, temperatures to use I recommend the use of this toaster.a very cheap and easy to use toaster, easy to make sandwiches fast and easy for a quick meal, at breakfast is very

Home & Co (Kmart) Pie Maker

Latest review: So glad I bought this. I tend to make pies every second day now lol. It makes a great pantry on the pastry. They’re ready easier and quicker than a cheese melt. I’ve gotten everybody I know hooked ont

Home & Co (Kmart) SH-MC510

Latest review: Love the machine and was used frequently then went to use and nothing happened. No lights came on when plugged in. Was having family night & needed it but no lights came on when plugged in. I got

Home & Co (Kmart) Sandwich Maker

Latest review: Bought this as it is way easier to use than bothering with my large panini press. Look its cheap ($7.50) so probably isn't a long term investment but it cooks ham & cheese toasties perfectly fine for

Home & Co (Kmart) 4 Slice Long Slot

Latest review: I purchased this from K-mart less than five months ago. I was looking for a toaster that would accommodate larger sized slices of bread form the free-form loaves that I like. It fulfills that

Home & Co (Kmart) HEG20

Home & Co (Kmart) HEG10