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Liebherr SBSes 7353

Liebherr ECBN 6156

Liebherr WKB4612

Latest review: I'm an enthusiastic amateur cheese maker, so it might seem odd that I bought the Liebherr WKB4612 "Barrique" wine fridge. Having owned the fridge for roughly three weeks, I'd like to talk about my

Husky Retro

Latest review: My husky 110 retro fridge turned into a freezer less than 14 mths after buying it at Harvey Norman at Cleveland. When I called Avisit the company that makes them they said it’s a cheap item and w

Husky Alfresco Bar Fridge

Latest review: The fridge used to maintain a reasonable temperature but not great.It is a bit on the loud side.Its easy to clean and look through. My problem is thar the compressor burnt out according to repairer

Liebherr SKes 4210

Liebherr WKB4611

Latest review: I bought this because I was not particular happy with the tight shelving on my Vintec V110SGES3 - 121 bottle fridge, where the shelves are fixed distances from each other, and which means a lot of

Husky HUS-WC-66B-ZY

Latest review: Had the fridge running 2 weeks 3 April 19 The motor is so loud l can here it from the other end of my house. Installed in kitchen Called HN replacing it.... see how we go with

Husky Vino Pro HUS-WC168S-BK-ZY

Latest review: One of the most disappointing purchases I have made. The temperature variances inside the fridge are just not acceptable! When the thermostat in the bottom layer (red wine) is set on 22, it's

Liebher SGNef 3036

Latest review: For me this was a must have fridge freezer combination but has turned out to be a very poor choice for one reason only - lack of any sort of ice storage unit. the drawers are great and easy to use


Latest review: Worst purchase ever. The door has no indent to hold to open so you have to actually hold the glass door so always covered in fingerprints. The seal on the door is dreadful so every time I walk past

Husky ALFC1840

Latest review: This fridge is terrible. The fridge is noisy and runs continuously. Furthermore, it will not cool below 3 degrees and takes forever to get to that point. We have contacted Harvey Norman Commercial (

Liebherr CBNes 6256

Liebherr SBSes 7252

Liebherr WKB4112LH

Liebherr UIG 1313

Liebherr SIGN3576RH

Liebherr SBNes 3210

Liebherr WKT6451

Liebherr SIGN 3576