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Smeg ECF01

Manual / Semi-Automatic Coffee MachinesSmeg ECF01 · includes 7 listings

3.9 from 60 reviews

Latest review: Purchases this machine in April 2020. Contacted smeg in June and spoke with a Tom or Steve to complain about the milk frother not heating the milk up properly. He said he would get back to me, send

Smeg KLF03

Electric KettlesSmeg KLF03 · includes 8 listings

3.9 from 43 reviews

Latest review: I have been reading these reviews and we have a Smeg kettle giving us a few problems, it is about two years old, so I wrote to Smeg today, and within an hour the problem is resolved, they are sending

Smeg DWA6314 Series

Freestanding DishwashersSmeg DWA6314 Series · includes 6 listings

3.6 from 38 reviews

Latest review: Absolute rubbish. Most confusing controls I have ever come across. Internal design the worst I have ever had. Can not fit anything standard in the basket racks. The top rack is useless if the

Smeg C9GM Series

Freestanding OvensSmeg C9GM Series · includes 8 listings

3.1 from 68 reviews

Latest review: I recently built a new house, my dream was to own a smeg oven, we moved in in July 2019, just 3 months later while my partner was preheating the oven, the inside panel of the glass blew up. We had

Smeg TRA90

Freestanding OvensSmeg TRA90

3.5 from 28 reviews

Latest review: Unfortunately I have to put a very negative review here and it’s solely due to the poor design & quality. I’ve had the oven for 4 years and in this time I have discovered it is near impossible to hav

Smeg DWAU6315X

Built-in DishwashersSmeg DWAU6315X

3.0 from 27 reviews

Latest review: I purchased the Smeg after my 3 year old Bosch died. Overall, I am much happier with the Smeg dishwasher as it does a much better wash than my Bosch ever did. Dishes with baked on food are left clean

Smeg SA9065X / SA9065XS

Freestanding OvensSmeg SA9065X / SA9065XS · includes 2 listings

2.8 from 35 reviews

Latest review: Edit to add: SMEG customer service were really good. I received an immediate response from the company after emailing them and two days later, I have a new glass door, free of charge. I did lose

Smeg TSF02

ToastersSmeg TSF02 · includes 8 listings

2.4 from 84 reviews

Latest review: The toaster is so messy. There is always crumbs everywhere underneath, it’s like the crumb catcher doesn’t catch the crumbs properly. I also feel like it takes far too long to toast. The plus side is

Smeg SMF01

Benchtop Food MixersSmeg SMF01 · includes 7 listings

3.5 from 13 reviews

Latest review: I am in nz. I have the exact same problem as the previous review in that i always end up manually scraping the bowl down as the mixer just seems to clump everything at the bottom and the sides of the

Smeg SFA6304X

Wall OvensSmeg SFA6304X

3.4 from 13 reviews

Latest review: Totally dissatisfied with Smeg's after sales service. When error codes are provided - they do return calls or provide any form of follow up. Spare parts are never in stock and they do not keep their

Smeg TSF01

ToastersSmeg TSF01 · includes 8 listings

2.3 from 55 reviews

Latest review: My 4 Slice White Toaster Lever will not stay down. I got it 13 months ago got my birthday. It has such light use since I RARELY make toast! It was more of a counter accessory. It’s practically brand n

Smeg SAI95

Induction CooktopsSmeg SAI95

2.9 from 16 reviews

Latest review: Have had this cooktop on 3 years now and about 5 months ago two of the hotplates flash up with an E?? Obviously thinking it means error. So had the electrician in and apparently you can no longer

Smeg SF640S

French Door Fridges / RefrigeratorsSmeg SF640S

3.3 from 10 reviews

Latest review: Excellent cooling. Nothing to dislike. Makes great ice. Well laid out. Plenty of room in the freezer and fridge. Seems well built. Not sure why other reviews are not as positive. I am so happy with

Smeg C6GMXA8

Freestanding OvensSmeg C6GMXA8

2.5 from 19 reviews

Latest review: I bought this oven in October 2013 so it is now 6 1/2 years old. I paid $1700 for it. For the first year it was ok but then the digital clock display broke so that i could only partially read it. I

Smeg BLF01

BlendersSmeg BLF01 · includes 8 listings

2.9 from 11 reviews

Latest review: I bought everything smeg for my kitchen, everything is perfect only the blender is not very good, only used couple times and the spin is not working when i am about to make a smoothie. Very

Smeg SIHP273S

Induction CooktopsSmeg SIHP273S

2.9 from 11 reviews

Latest review: I would like to extend my gratitude to SMEG customer service and platforms like PRODUCT REVIEW. After writing my review, SMEG contacted me and after reaching a compromise, a very fair one I might

Smeg SA550-1X60 / SA550-2X60 / SA550-1X90 / SA550-2X90

Range HoodsSmeg SA550-1X60 / SA550-2X60 / SA550-1X90 / SA550-2X90 · includes 4 listings

2.4 from 18 reviews

Latest review: Agh, the saga of a SMEG rangehood. It was much noisier than stated when first installed, had a technician out who just said it’s fine without measuring the actual decibels and then we had to foot t

Smeg Retro Style FAB32 (326L, Bottom Mount)

Bottom Mount Fridges / RefrigeratorsSmeg Retro Style FAB32 (326L, Bottom Mount) · includes 11 listings

2.6 from 14 reviews

Latest review: I had many ongoing problems with my Smeg retro fridge. I loved it but couldn't live with the constant flooding, defrosting, food spoilage, broken plastic pieces and seal. Smeg completely fixed this

Smeg DOSPA6395X

Wall OvensSmeg DOSPA6395X

2.4 from 16 reviews

Latest review: The very day it was installed by professional electricians, the screen froze and no switches would work. Turned off at mains to reset on advice from SMEG. Since then 3 more freezes and wouldn't turn

Smeg PGA64

Gas CooktopsSmeg PGA64

2.6 from 13 reviews

Latest review: I was looking for a cook top that sunk into the bench top for the clean look in my new kitchen, This product sure looked the goods in the Show room at Harvey Norman, so I ordered both my Smeg Oven

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